Rylee's 2 week well check and update on me

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Rylee's 2 week well check and update on me

So today we had Rylee's two week appt. she is doing great. She is up to 9lbs 6oz. She was great in pretty much every way!! She has a bit of a yeast infection in her diaper area and a clogged tear duct (DD had same thing) but those were the only ill things. I love our pedi and am so happy both girls see her.

AFM... Well had a great day Tuesday as I posted... Then yesterday was lazy and bored and laid around. Well around like 2 I got up and went the bathroom and my stopped bleeding was back pretty heavy. It was like bright red period blood which was different than the last week and half. Had a little crampiness but overall nothing. Took it easy then went to swim class with DD and DH. Bleeding subsided and was feeling okay this morning. Still some light bleeding this morning but then got in shower and it was heavy again. I was pushing on my abdomen a bit while in shower to see if anything hurt. One spot was a bit tender but nothing bad. So I called my docs office (he is on vaca for next 11 days) and talked to the nurse who said it is totally normal. My uterus is still shrinking and contracting and the spot I felt could also be a bit of scar tissue. I am not soaking through a pad (it barely ever reaches the pad) but just hate feeling like this. It is too early for AF but I don't remember when I got it with DD. I just know that I got it right on schedule and when I went back to the docs but I forget which appt it was. Ok off to feed my chunky monkey!

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My bleeding would always nearly stop, subside down to nothing, and then return 1-2 days later bright red again. Bleeding has been different every time for me, but with #3 it was off and on for about 5 weeks. If you are only 2 weeks post partum, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

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Awesome news on a healthy baby!
I'm sorry about the bleeding but it sounds pretty normal...annoying, but normal.

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Yay that Rylee had a good appointment! Sounds like she is growing well!

Sorry about the bleeding. I have no idea about postpartum stuff, but I would just keep an eye on it and call again if its concerning you. Doesn't sound like fun though!