Rylee's 6 mos appt

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Rylee's 6 mos appt

Well a few days early but today was her appt. she is 21lbs, 27.5 in and her head is 17in. She is exactly same as DD except DD was 20.75 lbs at this appt. it is crazy to me! She got 4 shots...one was the flu shot and she did great. Cried a few sec then nothing. And then tonight she started getting her belly in air and moving around like crawling! So not ready for crawling!!! Here are some pics

Eating some sweet pots

Enjoying the rain on the apples

Today at the docs (I love her expressions)

After her shots

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She's so cute! And so big! Goodness! Her expressions are awesome! Haha. Wow crawling. We are nowhere close to crawling. How is she liking her solids? Does she have a favorite food yet?

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Oh my goodness, she is precious! I just wanna cuddle her!! Way to grow! I really am looking forward to getting Lucas started on solids, he eyes my food all the time lol

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She's very cute and getting so big! I love her cheeks! I just want to squish them!

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She does have great expressions! I just love her little face. She's sooo stinkin cute! It sounds like she's doing great and keeping you plenty busy. Enjoy those cheeks!

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Too cute!!!!! She's getting so big!