Saw my OB/gyn finally

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Saw my OB/gyn finally

So Sunday my phone rang and it said my obs name... They were calling to move my Monday appt because my doc was stuck on vacation still due to the furloughs and canceled flights. So I moved it to this morning because for my mental stability I needed to see the doc. He came in and had my stuff from the night in the ER and was immediately very concerned and wanted to figure out. I have only been very light bleeding since last Friday. So he did an internal and that was awesome lol. He thinks they were seeing clots in uterus (th ER doc did say this could be the case because very hard to determine if it was placenta etc). My uterus is soft and closed and looks great which would not be the case if I still had placenta or "products" they call it. So mentally I feel so much better. It was on my mind all the time! Oh and I have been having afternoon headaches... He said that is from blood vessel constriction and it was worse last week on the meds I was on because it was making my uterus contract! Phew!!!

As for Rylee... Still a good baby but she is having wicked gas issues. DS did too but hers was more stuck gas wheras rylee is releasing of the worst smelling man farts ever!!! I don't think it is the formula because she is really not spitting a lot or anything just the gas. So we use mylicon in her bottles. Of course as I say this I look down and she spits up lol... DS loves that she is finding her voice and laughs and thinks she sounds like a monkey.

Now that I am cleared it is on to cleaning my house and making 50 cupcakes and a cake for DS's birthday this weekend!!!

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I'm sorry for all the worry but am very glad you were able to see your dr and at least get some piece of mind.

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I'm so glad its not leftover placenta! What a relief!

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I'm glad that your appointment went well and the placenta issue is resolved. Now you can just focus on your girls!! Yummmm cupcakes!! What kind are you making?

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She wants funfetti... Nothing original. I need 25 for her school Friday then 25 for her friend party Saturday and a cake for the family party. The cake I am decorating Minnie from scratch!

Just realized it says DS not DD in original. Whoopsss

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Oh good, so glad everything looks good!