Sciatic problems

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Sciatic problems

With every pregnancy I end up having problems with my sciatic nerve.. My uterus puts pressure on it and it causes shooting pains down my legs.. When I lay down, whatever side I lay on ends up going numb in my hip and thigh area. Its started to kick in and it is driving me insane. Have any of you ladies experienced this?

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I had this last pregnancy. Right at 16 weeks like you are. Hasn't kicked in yet this time but I remember the feeling and it was aweful! Nothing really helped but I put an ice pack on it every morning, and used a tennis ball to lossen my hip up. Not Fun at all!

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I'm sorry you are going through that! That doesn't sound fun at all. I haven't gotten that particular pain yet, but I have others. (((HUGS))) Is there anything you can do to make it feel better?

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I haven't had that pain either, but I've heard of others who have. A chiropractor may be able to help. In the past I had a lot of nerve problems in my back. I saw a chiropractor for awhile and it helped. He also gave me specific exercises to do to relieve the pinched nerves. Also B vitamins are supposed to help. I know you are allowed to take extra B6 in pregnancy to help with nausea...maybe they would help the sciatic nerve. Hope it gets better soon!

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I havent found anything that helps yet. I might try a chiropractor. It got really bad today.. I almost fell down in the middle of the grocery store, it was hurting so bad.

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This just started last week for me. I am so glad I am already using crutches or I would not be able to walk. It does get a little better as I move around. I hope it stops soon!

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Hope you can find some relief!