Sea Bands?

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Sea Bands?

So.. at first I was ecstatic that I had morning sickness because you hear good things about the baby being healthy and whatnot. However, the past few days have been nothing but nausea and vomiting. It's interfering with my work - and we definitely need my paycheck. I can't do anything at home except sit on the couch with the trash can. DH has had pizza 3 out of the 4 nights this week. I know they say after the first trimester it eases off, but what can I do now to help? I can't lose my job..and I can't piss DH off too too much. Here's what I've done so far:

I have preggie pop drops. They're sour candies that say they have ginger in them, but..regardless, when I have one of those in my mouth I'm usually okay for the moment. However, they give me heartburn and some of the flavors aren't so great. Plus, at 6 bucks for 12 pieces of candy plus shipping - I'm thinking about switching to life savors or something..

I went out and bought Sea Bands just now. I don't know if they're working yet, because I had those drops in my mouth when I went out because I didn't want to vomit in the store.

I've tried Saltines and Ginger Ale. Thing is, if my stomach gets too empty, I start gagging. And I'd have to eat the entire box of Saltines to get any fullness.

I LOVE Mountain Dew. I know you're not supposed to have a whole bunch of Caffeine so I've cut down dramatically on the amount of Dew I drink. However, yesterday I noticed that whenever I DO drink a Dew, I'm sick very quickly afterwards. So today I haven't drank any. Still threw up all day though.

So, anyone have any ideas? Any help would be great.. Thanks!

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Your doc can also prescribe anti-nausea meds, although I hope you have good insurance because my friend was on Zofran and it is super expensive, and our insurance would only cover the amount that you would need if you were getting cancer treatments (it was designed to help with nausea during chemo.

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I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I had it really bad with my DS1...lost 10 pounds in the first part of the pregnancy it was so bad. I was lucky that DH was very sympathetic and let me be a slug. It wasn't quite as bad with DS2 but still bad. It is horrible and I found I couldn't really even function most of the time. I wish I had a good answer on how to make it better but I never found anything that helped for too long. I tried the zofran without much luck too but it really works for some so can't hurt to try.

Just wanted to say I understand and I hope you can find some relief. :bighug:

It'll all be worth it when you are cuddling that little one. Smile

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Sorry, that sounds seriously rough. I have no advice for ya, since this is my first. I'm freaking out about morning sickness, bc I'm now the only employee of my boss, who doesn't use a not sure how they would survive without me. But like you I also kind of want morning sickness, just to have a pregnancy symptom. I don't really have many...if any. I feel like I have AF symptoms, so that's not cool.

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I bought some pregnancy bracelet thingies, going to see if they work but I haven't tried them out yet. They are magnetic, probably like Sea Bands.
But yeah, if nothing helps, you might want to talk to your doctor. Have you tried gum/mints? If you can find the real mint candy that might help.

Oh and eat often. If you can snack more at work, do it. I also found that if I let my stomach get too empty I would get nauseous and we all know that puking on an empty stomach is pretty disgusting.

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How are you feeling today?

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I loved ginger chews, especially the apple flavored ones.

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Thanks ladies. I try not to eat too much at one time or let my stomach get too empty. Today at work I was miserable, but kept chewing on ginger gum and preggie pops, saltines and pepsi. It wasn't much fun.