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I have thrush now, I guess from the antibiotics for mastitis. Its in the form of a giant rash on my breasts...super itchy. Thankfully Henry doesn't seem to have it' but we are going to the pedi tomorrow and I'm going to ask her to treat him just in case.

Also when I was at the midwife, henry was screaming his head off and the midwife re minded me to stop by the checkout counter on my way out. Well I did and the checkout ladies were all "you're good, you can take that crying baby home.". I was sort of offended, but happy that I didn't have to pay for that visit.

Ladies sorry for any grammatical errors lately. I type while I nurse now.

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You sure are being tested. Much love, hugs, and support girl!

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SO sorry Sad I got thrush from the mastitis antibiotics too last time. Best to treat Henry as well cause you'll just pass it back and forth!

Feel better soon! Sad

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Jeez, you just cannot catch a break, can you? I hope that you heal up quickly and that this is the last time you have any problems.

Also, you would think those ladies would be a little more sensitive to how much it sucks for the mom to have a crying baby in public, given that they work for a midwife!!! Sheesh!