Shopping trip...

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Shopping trip...

I went to Babies R Us yesterday. I've never even stepped foot inside one. They are big LOL. And can I just say that the bathroom stalls were TINY? I'm like, hello!?!?! aren't most people shopping here either WITH baby or pregnant? You need bigger stalls!
Anyway, my whole point for going was to look at strollers. I dragged a friend with me. She doesn't have any kids, but her sister has three kids and she babysits allllll the time, so she knew how to work some of those things that had me confused haha. My dad had sent me a gift card for my shower that I hadn't used yet because I was thinking I'd either put it towards a pump or a new stroller. So anyway, we start looking at strollers....and I felt SO STUPID. For some reason, I had it in my head that the "travel system" strollers were like...a big hole until you put the car seat in them. Like, the car seat was the actual seat and without the car seat - there was no seat. (Yes, I have one of these in the bedroom but it's still in the box). But they aren't like that, they're regular strollers and you "can" put the carseat on top of them to latch on, but you don't have too. So I talked to DH and ...we decided not to get a stroller. We'll just use the one we have now (in the box). It folds up (not quite as small as the ones that ARENT travel systems) but small enough to fit in my trunk. Later, we might decide that switching the stroller between vehicles is too much a pain and get another one, but honestly I don't think DH is going to have the Camry (the one that was supposed to be the "family car") running and so we'll have my car and the truck. The truck has an extended cab, so it can accommodate a car seat, but probably not comfortably. ANYWAY, point here is - we're sticking with one stroller. I can't warrant spending 200 dollars on something that we can move from my car to his car in like 20 seconds (Ask me again when I forget to get it back from him and I need to go somewhere!!)

Soooo... I still had this gift card. I heard I can get a pump through my insurance as long as I work and my doc will write a 'script for it... so I blew the whole thing. :rolleyes: Yep. I got a set of TT bottles, many small coat hangers (I know myself, if I fold up her clothes, she will wear the same thing over and over because it'll always be on top) and a crap ton of clothes. I got a couple NB, a few 0-3 months, some 3-6, like one 9 and one 12 month.

I was exhausted when we got back in the car. And I felt horrible for spending all that money on clothes (she has clothes, but like I said in an earlier post, it wasn't as many as I had originally thought, most were blankets) and... I thought she needed clothes. I only had like 2 NB onesies and maybe 3 0-3 month ones. I didn't think that would suffice.

Ideally, I would have bought her a nightstand and a lamp. But girl clothes are so cute. And pink. I love pink. No judging allowed!!

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Sounds like you had a fun day out!! Don't over do it with all the excitement and walking, though. Wink

I know our BRU has some SUPER cute girl clothes.. I'd be soooo broke! LOL!! Lol

Personally, I think it was a good call on not buying another stroller.. Wink

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Who hoo for shopping!!! Especially when it's not your money your spending but get to keep it all. Smile
I think you made a good decision on the stroller too.

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How fun. Baby clothes are too cute to pass up. I have a hard time not buying baby clothes. Every time I walk into target I leave with an outfit and I already have way too many.

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Yeah, you don't really need another stroller right now unless you want a jogging one. Later on you can get an umbrella one for like $20 that's more compact.
Haha on the clothes. I had inventories with my other kids so I knew exactly what sizes I needed. It's sort of good that I don't know what I'm having this time around because I'm not tempted to buy more clothes!