Shower and baby sale madness

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Shower and baby sale madness

So yesterday was my shower that DH's mom threw for me, for his side of the family only. It was really nice. They went all out with the decor. They had "Oh Henry!" candy bars at the table, so funny! I got lots of stuff off my registry and lots of stuff not on my registry. Tons and tons of blankets and washcloths...I think I'm good on those. You'd think I were having triplets with how many I got. I did get a really cute handmade quilt from DH's cousin! I think handmade things are so special!

The shower was at a wine bar in one of their private rooms and they had candles on the tables. Well MIL and her cousin decorated with those paper tissue poufs and put them on all the tables with the candles. Suddenly one tissue pouf just goes up in flames and lands on the floor. It was a giant ball of fire....the owner came over and stomped it out, but their carpet has a huge burn stain on it. Hope MIL doesn't get charged. No one got hurt, but it was pretty exciting. Hahahaha.

Then afterwards, like a crazy nesty mom to be, I went to a Consignment convention. I ran into my brother and SIL there. I did pretty well, didn't spend too much. I only bought a few 12-18 month clothes, 2 books and 3 nursing tanks. My brother practically bought out the whole convention. The lady at the checkout told them, they had more than enough baby clothes. LOL.

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I laugh at your blankets and washcloths because as I was taking down old stuff from the attic I am blown away by receiving blankets. I have probably 40 and honestly never used them once home from the hospital. I think it is a cute easy gift that everyone gives lol

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I had a TON of recieving blankets from DS and never used most of them ... and OMG about the fire!!

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Some things you can do w/ receiving blankets: You can cut them up and use them for cloth wipes (If you're still doing cloth diapers Elizabeth, it's WAY easy to do cloth wipes as well.). You can also get those plain Gerber "cloth diapers" that are used for burp rags and sew a rectangle of the blanket onto the middle of it to make it look cuter.
Or you can just return them. Smile
The blankets we used the most were the swaddle blankets (Aden & Anias ones are AWESOME or just any bigger type but thin blanket) and the fluffy blankets are good for when it's cold, like in the car seat and stuff. And then just keeping an extra in the diaper bag since they don't take up much space. But otherwise, they don't get used too much. I would say 4-6 of them would be plenty.