Shower tomorrow!

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Shower tomorrow!

And since i've been cheating and looking at the registries...yeah yeah I know bad bad bad, but I already know of at least two things that we will be getting a duplicate of. LOL The bouncy seat(two different colors mind you same and a Johnson and Johnson gift set that includes shampoo and stuff. I guess as long as we get the gift receipts, all we will need to do is exchange or return them and get some other stuff that we don't receive. But...what the heck am I supposed to say or do if we do actually get these duplicate things?:help1: I hate being the center of attention to begin with and then put me in an awkward position on top of it? Oy!
Guess it'll be back to shopping next week. LOL I'm not a huge shopper, and was really hoping to avoid a bunch of walking in these final weeks, but oh well. I'm excited for tomorrow either way!!!!

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Have fun tomorrow! Don't worry about doubles. Just smile and say thank you. People understand that happens at showers.

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I got doubles of the shampoo set too. But I just smiled and was like, I'm sure we'll use both! I also got doubles of other things (ironically, no doubles of clothes which was weird), but nothing I had to take back and exchange. Mine were like crib sheets and stuff. So they'll get used, doubles or not. But like Elizabeth said, just say thanks and smile.

I hope you have a great time today! I hated being stared at while I opened everything - and I honestly didn't remember getting some of that stuff when I went through it the other day LOL. But I still had a good time

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You have to post pics and what you got!
Yeah, just smile and say thank you. People understand that it happens. I went to a shower and she got like 5 or more of those lovie things with the animal heads. She just joked about it and said it must be a theme!