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So I don't know what I have but its flu like, because my whole body hurts and I have a fever. I guess it could be a really bad cold. I got flu shot awhile back so I wouldn't think it would be the flu. I also think it has something to do with me going to the chiro. She wants to see me 3x a week for the first 2 weeks and she does this accupressure stuff on my head, neck and shoulders and I think has released toxins into my system. Every time I get a massage I get sick too, so I think it contributed. Last night was terrible, feeling a bit better this morning but decided to stay home anyway.

I've had to take 2 tylenol so far. I hate taking meds while pregnant, but I also know its bad to have a fever while pregnant, so I'm taking them.

I guess I might try to study a bit today, and just rest. What is everyone up to today?

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Sad Oh no. I hope that as the day goes on you start to feel better. Being sick is no fun, but being sick while pregnant is the worst.
Feel better mama!

Nothing really here today. I do have my 33 week appt, or I guess follow up appt from all that fiasco last week. So not sure what will happen with that. And DH has his class tonight. Other than that, just another day in paradise here. As I look outside at the almost foot of snow we got on Tuesday...ugh!

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Oh no! I hope you don't have the flu! I got two flu shots - and caught the flu both times. I haven't gotten one since then. I get sick twice a year usually. Once around December and one around July...not the flu, just...a bad cold. But I have to be put on meds because for some reason my body LOVES to develop pneumonia.

I had to work today - and I was training my relief again. I think she forgot EVERYTHING I showed her Monday. Then she'll do something correctly like 5 or 6 times in a row and then ..I dunno if she gets nervous or what, but she'll ask me how to do it after she just did it! She's okay with everything so far - except the paperwork. And my boss, the one I've known for years and years and years, she likes when he's there, she's not really paying attention to working, she's more interested in talking to him. My boss of the store asked me Tuesday (after one day of training her) if she was going to work. I'm like, I dunno! I need more than ONE day to decide that. But she gets frustrated if she hits the wrong button and then she messes up a lot.. I hope she's just nervous and it goes away.
Other than that - not much going on. DH has class tonight, so aside from doing some laundry for him, I'll probably just lay around all day.

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Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I hope it clears up quickly. I ended up taking Tylenol on several occasions with this pregnancy-I hate to take meds as well, but when you're dealing with fever and body aches, that's no good either. I am working today and tyring to make progress on my "things to get done before maternity leave" list.

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Sorry that you're not feeling well! I hope that you get better soon. I totally agree that getting sick while pregnant is the worst. It feels like you get sicker than normal, and there is less that you can take, and it's just a total pain.

I'm working on putting things together for my maternity leave too. Almost done putting together my list, and then I will need to go through it in detail with my boss next week. I'm also showing her how to run a ton of reports tomorrow. Luckily she is very savvy in the systems that we use, so I think she will pick it up quickly.

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I reallly hope you get to feeling better soon. I know it sucks being sick when your pregnant. But I will pray for you. Smile
Today I had a baby doc appt and everything is looking good is what the doc said. Then we went into town and ran some errands and had lunch with my grandparents. So today has been a busssssy day. lol

Hope you get to feeling better! Smile

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Being sick while pregnant sucks! I was really nervous about taking meds with DS, but much more relaxed about it now. I went through Tylenol like crazy with this one because of the headaches. Also taking lots of Pepdid AC. I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks ladies. Still can't breathe, but no fever today, so I'm back at work. Had a lovely "fire drill" to rush to meet a surprise deadline. Always lovely when your brain is only half working and you must get something out.