Similac Formula stuff!!!!!!

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Similac Formula stuff!!!!!!

Ok, so I know everyone has their preference on formula/breastfeeding so this is not meant to start a debate or anything of that nature.
But...back when I found out I was pregnant a friend suggested I sign up at the Similac website because they sometimes send out $5 off coupons for formula which we all know, that have used it before or are considering using it is that formula is and can get pricey depending on what you use. So i did-up until now i've received weekly e-mails on babys progress and I think a coupon off Shutterfly services. Anyways...
Today the mail comes and this heavy long box from Similac was in there. Inside...was a coupon for $4 off a double pack of the new Similac bottles(they are pretty cool and neat looking and i'm considering trying them), 4 $5 off coupons for formula that are good until the end of August, a manual of sorts on breast/bottle feeding with Similac formula and things to look for...and the best part of all...there was a can of the fussiness formula, the orange one that costs $15 at Wal-mart, a full thing of regular Similac formula the blue one that costs anywhere from $23-25 at Wal-Mart and a Similac bottle.
I'm guessing that between everything in there, formula and coupons is a good $60 worth of stuff! I was so excited!!!

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Have you signed up at I got two coupons in the mail. One coupon is for 4.00 off any Gerber Goodstart, but the OTHER coupon is for FIFTEEN DOLLARS OFF!!!

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I had the same experience with my daughter. I use the good start so I signed up there but a friend used the similar so I used to give them to her. Myou will get a bunch (or at least I did) for the first few months.

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wow! what a great score.

I didn't sign up with anyone this time, but somehow they found out I am pregnant and I got sent a small sample and coupon last month.

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I got one from Similac, Gerber, and Enfamil. All of them came with full samples and coupons.
I try to sign up whether I ff or not because then I can donate them and trade the coupons. Smile
Gerber is definitely good to sign up with because they will send coupons for Gerber food later on.

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I haven't seen much Similac stuff, but somehow my cabinet is already full of Enfamil samples. I don't think I'll need them, but am keeping them in case I do and if I don't, I know there's plenty of ladies who can use them. I have a lot of those really expensive ready to feed bottles too!

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Thanks ladies. I may sign up for Gerber too as well. Next time i'm at the store i'll look at the Gerber stuff(jar food and whatnot) and see what the expiration dates are and if they are far enough out, I could always use the coupons on that stuff just to have ready for when the time comes. Smile Good way to stock up.

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I got that in the mail as well-I didn't sign up with Similac as I plan to breastfeed, but I think I got it from signing up for a free trial of American Baby magazine-I also got a coupon for a $10 BabiesRUs gift card if I opened a registry with them, probably also from signing up for the magazine as I assume they give your name to all the baby product companies. I keep all the formula samples I get because I did end up using them last time when DD was close to a year old-I breastfed and pumped at work until she turned 1, but by around 10 months my supply had dropped and I needed to supplement with something so I used all the free samples I had. Once she turned 1, I stopped pumping and gave her formula for a while before we started regular milk-we kept breastfeeding on the weekends and in the evenings until around 16 months.

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Rebecca, I agree. I breastfed T until he was 13 months, but my supply dropped once I went back to work (even though I was pumping) so we had to supplement with formula while I was at work, and but still breastfed on nights and weekends. So, they may still be useful for breastfeeding moms. Smile