Sleep, glorious sleep!

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Sleep, glorious sleep!

I don't know what's been going on and I hope it lasts, but the last two nights, I've slept like a ROCK! I've woken up with such a HUGELY full bladder because I'm not even waking up to pee, lol! It's really appreciated since I get up at 4:40 for work. Hope I'm not jinxing myself, lol.

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I wish I could say the same. That sounds wonderful to be able to sleep like a rock without getting up five times during the night to pee which is what I have become accustomed to. lol : ) Glad your getting some good sleep. Smile

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I just posted on FB that I crashed when I got home from work. I'm so sleepy at bedtime, but I can't fall asleep. Then I get uncomfortable. When I turn over, it hurts. I sleep better during my "naptime" on the couch than I do in the bed at bedtime lol