small contractions

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small contractions

for the last 2-3 days I have been noticing a few slight contractions. Mainly whenever I've been super busy which is a lot since I have 3 other kids... I'm trying to be better about drinking water more, and resting. Also my back is beginning to hurt a bit. Has anyone else noticed any contractions yet?

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I have not yet, but my doctor did tell me at my 17 week appt that I might start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. I never had them with T and haven't had them yet with this one though.

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I don't know what contractions feel like (had a planned C-section with Carson), but I've been having a lot of sharp pains in my lower abdomen lately.

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I'm not as far along as you ladies but can say that when I'm working physically a little more than usual at work, I noticed stinging menstrual-type cramping down below and in my lower back. I don't know what these are (certainly not contractions?? I know I don't drink water - at all.. blech.. no thanks.. ) but I have pains, too.. Boo! Sad

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I know I can't drink water plain, to me it smells like fish for some reason... I have been drinking kool- aid I know not the best but I figure at least it's water right?! Thanks for the replies ladies, I have had the same "feelings" w/ all of my pg's just not so much this early...