Snugride 22 or 32?

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Snugride 22 or 32?

So I went to BRU to register and found out they have a much smaller collection of car seats in store and the prices are a lot higher than on their website. So I probably won't be trading my car seat in.
Anyway, I'm trying to decide whether I want to get a Graco Snugride 22 (up to 22 lbs and 29 in) or 30 (up to 30 lbs and 35? in). Both of my babies have been small as infants and don't even get up to 20 lbs by 1 year so I don't feel like there's much of a risk of them outgrowing it too early. But then on the other hand, I have the snap n go stroller and I could use it longer if I kept them in the infant seat longer... and eventually I just start leaving the seat in the car so I won't be carrying it around a whole lot when the baby gets older.

So... thoughts? I think the bigger seat is $10-$20 more as well.

Oh and tips on where to get one? I may be able to get a good online coupon on BRU but that's the only place I've ever bought my car seats and they just don't seem to have good deals in store on the infant seats.

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I believe we registered for the Sungride 35(can't remember the pattern name though-sigh). We used our infant seat with DS until he was basically a year old and at that point outgrew in weight and length and I believe his was a 22lbs limit. We registered at Buy Buy Baby-ours had a hugh selection of stroller and car seats(both infant and convertible). So you could maybe look there if you have one local. Ours is in our Bed Bath and Beyond Store(they renovated, so half the store is baby stuff) but I do know there are stand alone Buy Buy Baby stores.
Oh-forgot to add, if you sign up for emails and such, you can get a 20% off coupon which could help with the cost. Thats what I will be doing to try to get the cost of the travel system down as much as possible.

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We went to babies r us this weekend and the store was a nut house with all the shelves destroyed!!! I have a big baby with my daughter but she grew out of her seat early in length and not weight. My husband is 6'4" and my cousin is 6'5" so clearly there is height. At not even 3 she is already 39 inches!!!

I also suggest buy buy baby if you have one. Their selection at our stand alone store is amazing!!! There is a big sale on amazon moms where you get 25% off certain items and can get up to $100 in savings. We just went to buy buy baby to try out snap and gos and a new swing then I used bed bath and beyond 20% coupon to get it in the store because those coupons are good and you get one just by signing up on email.

Ooh also I just found out kohls has a lot of baby stuff and if you open a kohls charge you can use 30% coupon which is a great deal.. Here are the seats they have Search Results | Kohl's

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We do have a Buy Buy Baby; I get coupons in the mail all the time. I will have to check it out, especially to see and feel the seats.

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I'm kinda wondering the same thing if I get a Graco. I would assume the 35 would be a better investment but I wonder if it's heavier to carry?
I use for big baby purchashes. They seem to have a large selection and clearance. I saw the 35 as cheap as $109 on there. Plus free shipping on orders over $49

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The weight of the seat is something to consider as well. We stopped using the infant seat around 5 months because he was just to damn heavy to carry around like that. As for different places, do you have a Burlington Coat factory? Ours has a great baby section. Of course, there's also Walmart, Target and those type places.

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Car seats are so freaking heavy. I came close to getting the lighter graco for that reason, but I ended up registering for the chicco key fit 30.

Car seats are like breast pumps in that they never seem to go on sale. I have a lot of coupons for when I'm ready to buy the big stuff. But even those coupons exclude certain name brand items. Bummer.

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I think the 22 is a pound lighter than the 30. While I'd love for it to be light (my old car seat is honkin!) it's not the most important thing because I use a wrap a lot and eventually just leave the car seat in the car and take baby out.
I think I might end up with the 30 just to be safe. Who knows, maybe this kid will be huge or really tall or something...