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I apologize in advance for what I think is going to be a very lengthy post.

I was struggling at work today. I've gotten by with no heavy lifting - there's always someone around to do it for me. But bending over can't be avoided and it's a pain to bend over and get back up. I can't "squat" with my knees because I'll just fall over. Today was the first day I've felt like maybe I've let my job duties slip. I haven't done anything different! I just felt that way. I have two bosses in the store. One - I've known for YEARS. He's my boss, but we don't really have a boss/employee relationship. He told me that he was talking to my other boss and said we need to get someone trained ASAP (we did have someone trained and she married and is moving in 2 weeks....far far away) because he doesn't think I'm going to make it to April. The other boss agreed...and I'm training someone for the next two weeks. That'll take me to the 10th of March.

Now, back to today at work. I have to fill the bread at the end of my shift. There are eight loaves of bread in each tray - each loaf weighs a pound, so the whole thing together is maybe 10 pounds. I have a serious issue moving those bread trays. That's the one thing I refuse to ask for help with because I know both of my bosses will think of it as a cop out. But my belly is getting bigger and everytime I lift one of those trays, it's very uncomfortable. Plus, my vagina really hurts. Like, if I sit I'm okay. But when I get up, I have to stand there a few seconds and get adjusted and then those first few steps are extremely painful. It does go away in intensity fairly quick, but I'm up and down a LOT, so it's a lot of pain to me. Sleep has been eluding me. I sleep (for a nap) on the couch and I sleep wayyy better, BUT I think it's just because I'm so exhausted I just shut down. I don't sleep well overnight at all. I get maybe 2 hours, but it's not all together, it's in little spurts.

So, I talked with my boss (not the one I've known forever, the other one) about going out early. He said he kind of figured I might (which made me feel like $hit) and as long as we get through the next two weeks that we're okay. Obviously, that'd be when I'm done training my "replacement." I talked to DH and expressed my concerns about working up until my due date. I told him he doesn't really understand how much pain I'm in and how every little thing is no longer a little thing. Everything is getting hard to do and I don't want to leave my job with people going THANK GOD she left! She was doing so horrible! I want things to be good. FMLA leave requires your job to put you back in your current position and current pay if you're gone for 6 weeks or less. Anything more than 6 weeks, your pay is guaranteed, but I could be shipped anywhere and doing anything. My store is in the boonies. No one wants to come here, so it's not like I have people knocking at my door to get my position. But I'm a little worried if I leave with things going badly, that when I come back they'll move me. Especially if I go out early. PLUS, DH and I can't really afford me going out early on 60% pay. We're trying dearly to save up. We've kept our tax money refund and he's saved a little bit of his paycheck. But we haven't been saving except a couple of weeks, honestly. I'm concerned once my paycheck drops, we won't have enough money for bills.

I really don't know what to do. I know everyone is like, you'll want to save your time so you can spend time with the baby. I'm due in 6 weeks. If I work atleast another 2, that'll bring me to 4 weeks. I'm going to attempt to work another 2 after that. That'll bring me to the last week of March. I think I can live with myself going out that early without feeling too terrible bad. This pregnancy, aside from the morning sickness, has been relatively easy on me. It's just these past few weeks when my belly FLEW out and my down there started hurting that all these aches and pains dropped on me. I'm just so confused about what to do.

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Thats a tough one. Your job is more physically demanding than mine. I have a lot of pain too. I understand what pain you have. Its always those first couple of steps that hurt the worst. I feel like I have to drag my left leg because when I move it, I get this shocking pain.

Can you take off early and come back part time or something at first? Or just work part time towards the end? Also pick up a belly support belt. It doesnt make all my pain go away, but it really does help quite a bit. I keep having to rexhedule this dang chiro appt. Its on Monday now...I will tell you how it goes. It definitely sucks to be this pregnant and working, especially with your job.

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I don't know what all you do, but is there anyway that you can do all of your job except the physical parts? Like, what would they do if you broke your leg or something?

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I'm sorry you are in so much pain.
I was also going to ask if it's possible that after these next two weeks of training(minimum since I now you mentioned wanting to make it another two weeks after), if you could talk to them about going part time hours that way you are still there, doing your job, and at least making some money to help with bills and whatnot, until you can't work any longer?
I hope that things can work out for you. Hugs!

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If I go to part time - even for a little bit, I'll lose my insurance. Also, since my 60% pay is based on the hours I'm working now, if I drop my hours at the end - my pay for short term disability (mat leave) will be affected even more.

Alissa, - if I broke my leg, I'd be out on vacation LOL

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dp :roll:

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Sad I wish I had some words for you, girl but this is a tough one.

1. I do agree with possibly working just a tad fewer hours? Maybe one less a day.. or taking an hour lunch instead of half hour? Just to give your body a chance to reset over lunch? I know you said you can't cut them due to pay..

2. FMLA covers you for 12 weeks not six!! So if you only wanted to take 6 after baby, you can take 6 before, so long as your dr will sign off on it and there's not a thing your company can do! Now.. make sure your company has FMLA.. and doesn't "follow FMLA guidelines". If they TRULY have FMLA coverage, they can't touch you.. your job.. your pay etc. for 12 weeks from your last day worked!! That's a FEDERAL law!

You know I'm only a couple clicks away if you need ANYTHING!! :bigarmhug:

ETA - AND GET UP THE LANDLORD'S A$$ ABOUT THE HEAT GETTING FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :annoyed:

No, I won't stop bugging you about it. lol..

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I really hope things get better soon. I cant really relate with the working issue since I am unable to work because we only have one vehicle. But I definitely can relate with the financial worries. I have been worrying about that all through the pregnancy and more especially now. I have just been praying and that has definitely been helping. Smile I will definitely keep you in my prayers and send happy thoughts your way! You got this girl! Smile

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what a tough position! I bet if you talked to your boss about that physical stuff, he's be much more understanding than you think. I don't think anyone wants to be responsible for making a pregnant lady lift and move heavy stuff. At my job, the guys would kill me if they saw me trying to lift something without asking for help. I'd just tell him, I want to keep working, but I just can't lift those bread trays anymore. Besides, your new trainee can do it!! I'd personally try to hang in there if money was an issue, but you gotta take it easy on the physical stuff!!