So excited found such a great deal.

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So excited found such a great deal.

So yesterday i was looking @ Target for a baby outfit and some diapers for her baby. As im walking around the corner there is a pallet of all sorts of baby items all on Clearance.. Well the origional purple checkered eddie Baur Carseat/stroller set initially was 249.99 but this one was on that Pallet with a sticker price of 114.98:) My mom and Dad were going to buy us a stroller car seat combo probably this years addition which the only difference between last years and this years is the color.. This years is a cute pink, But for over half the price off of that stroller i am not going to complain.. So I called them and said guess what i found, and my mom asked if i wanted it i said ooh yeah this one will totally work, so she transfered the $$ to my account and i bought it:) Now all i have to do is bring that big ol thing to my shower march 2nd or third:). So excited to feel like im more ready to have this little girl join us, Anyone else feel that way when something big is purchased for baby?

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That is a great deal! I'd be pumped too. We had a similar thing with our nursery dresser from DS. There was one on mega clearance that was the same color as the crib set. It was a steal and matched the rest of the stuff perfectly so we were able to skip the expensive dresser that was supposed to go with the crib.

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That's a great deal! I would be totally psyched too!

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Awesome deal! Every time I buy something new it feels more and more real. I occasionally pull out the clothes that I have bought for my little guy and nearly burst into tears of excitement!

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I, for some reason, have a mental block about buying ANYTHING. I'm friggin 30 weeks pregnant, even if she were to come TODAY, her chances would be excellent, but can I buy ANYTHING? Heck no. But awesome deal you found! I'd be totally psyched too!

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That's an awesome deal and for that price i'm sure you can cope with the color. Smile Yay for great finds!

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Awesome deal! We are getting stuff from the attic and getting new stuff as I have coupons and it is making it crazy real!

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That's a great deal! I don't need to buy much, but I seriously need to start getting my baby stuff out of storage and figuring out where I am going to keep it and where I am moving DD1's stuff to.

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awesome find! I love saving money like that.

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My husband is having fun torturing me by not opening the box with our crib... its been here for weeks now and he just keeps saying "we'll do it soon..." I know he's just doing it b/c it amuses him that I'm so impatitient about it. I'm terrible with waiting on stuff like this or surprises and he thinks its funny/cute. Its killin me!!! We were at a friends house last night and the wife was trying to help me out and was like "you should open it and put it together b/c when we ordered our crib it was the wrong thing and we didnt actually get her actual crib until a week before she was born." Tom just started smiling and said "we'll do it soon". In his defense we really dont have a place to open it yet or put it together b/c baby's room is still technically a guest room. First things first we need to make room for all the furniture thats currently in there somewhere else in the house. We just havent had time to do so. Cant wait though!

OH!!! And I bought the bedding the other day. Still need to get the bumper and some room accesories but I think I'll register for them. I got it from and it was on sale. Should be here soon! Yay!!!!

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Leslie - I asked DH if we could put the crib together (my baby shower is next weekend and someone bought it off the registry) and he was It'll just get dusty. Which, it will get dusty. But's almost February and the Christmas stuff is STILL waiting in boxes to go up into the attic. He's not very good at doing stuff quickly. When I ask him to do something he's all like...what? right now? So.. I figure if I ask NOW, the crib will get put together...say.....when baby gets home?? LOLOL

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That's awesome, I love Target!!!