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    Default So, I ventured out...

    Yesterday, a friend texted me and invited me to go to the mall with her. She has two kids, one is 3 1/2 and one is 18 months. I immediately said no, but then got pushed into it by DH because he said I needed social time. Plus, I hadn't seen this friend in YEARS. The mall is an hour I got the baby ready and myself ready and went out there.

    Now, I've been to the grocery store a couple times - just for a few minutes. I'm not scared to have her in the car with me, but I try to make my trips inside anywhere very quick.

    We were in the mall for two hours. I had a BLAST. Julie cried a few times, but I was able to get her quieted down pretty quick. She was really good! And my friend's two kids of them was constantly testing her patience and the other one kept screeching "MOOOOOM" from the stroller LOL. She didn't bat an eye when Julie started fussing. We sat down for dinner and Julie was awesome ..and she had to cut up some chicken nuggets for her 18 mo old and...dinner took a LONG time between her two kids and me alternating between feeding myself and Julie.

    It was super nice to be out with someone who had kids and has gone through the baby stage and didn't care that Julie was crying. I was so glad I went. Except when it was time to go - the doors I came in had been locked so I had to walk allllll the way around.
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    Yey! Glad you had a good time

    It is awesome to have friends that have btdt. Makes it so much easier. Hope you get to seethem again girlie. It's good for you and the baby too!

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    AWESOME to hear you went out and had some fun!!! Good for you, mama.
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    Yay for going out!! See it wasn't that bad was it?
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    Yay for going out! Glad it went well!
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    Great! I'm glad it went well and that you're getting more comfortable taking her out.

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    Woohoo for getting out and having a little fun! It's so nice to hang out with other moms who get it, isn't it?
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