So much for cloth diapering

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So much for cloth diapering

So we moved into our new place and its an old 1930's duplex. It's huge (for us) and that's the main reason we got it. But one problem. The washer/dryer is a stackable (which I already knew), but I didn't know it was a micro washer. It's seriously the smallest washer they have on the market. I put 2 towels in last night and it filled it up. We contemplated buying our own stackable unit, but we are not even sure we can even fit a bigger one in there. The space is extremely limited. This SUCKS. I really had wanted to try cloth diapering, but if I can barely manage to wash 2 towels at once, I highly doubt it can take poopy diapers.

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Space is limited for the washer dryer hookups that is. The rest of the place is huge. I just don't know what we are going to do.

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Have you looked into a cloth diapering service? There are places that will drop off clean diapers and take away dirty ones for a monthly fee. I'm pretty sure that some places will also launder your cloth diapers for you and you don't have to use their diapers. You might want to take a look around....I know there are several places around town here in Austin so I'm sure Dallas will have just as many options if not more. Good luck!

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Wow, I'd be miserable with a tiny washer and dryer. I'm not sure how small you're talking, but CDs are something you want to wash in small batches every few days anyway, but I don't blame you for being put off since you'll already have to do so many loads of all your other stuff.

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That would be a pain, even without cloth diapering-our loads are so big, we would probably have to do a load every day or more with that size. I agree to look into cloth diapering services in your area.

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Bummer! I agree that the cloth loads are small, but I would be annoyed at doing so much other loads of clothes that I would not add even a small load of cloth dipes.

Do you have a garage with a water hookup?

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I will research cloth diapering services. I was only planning to cloth diaper part maybe I can make it work.

We have a garage, but its more like a storage shed, because you cant park in there.

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what about a laundry mat? I have to agree w/ pp cloth loads are generally pretty small anyway. I hope something works out for you! I love my cloth

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I've just been doing a load of our clothes every night. I guess that's what will have to happen. If I have to wash any blankets, I will have to go to the laundromat or drycleaners now.

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(((((Elizabeth)))))) Cloth diapering aside, I'd HATE to deal with a small washer/dryer. If I don't do the clothes, DH will throw all of his stuff in the washer (all of his stuff is gross, so its gotta be washed separately) ...and then wonder why it doesn't get clean OR why it won't dry in one cycle. :rolleyes: Men.

Anyway, washing clothes daily seems like it'll get old quick. I hope you find a solution!

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Yeah, super sorry about the small washer and dryer. That is a major bummer!

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Wow that sucks! I would worry more about my other loads too. Maybe there is something you can do... but yeah my cloth diaper loads aren't that huge and if you're just doing it part time it shouldn't add too much. I'm sure you can still do it!