So ready!

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So ready!

I haven't posted a lot, mostly just lurked around since posting from my phone is a pita! Just wanted to share that Wade will b here Monday morning(April 8th). I'm so beyond excited and so nervous. This being my fourth csection you'd think it'd be easy peasy, yet it still scares me. I'm mostly worried about baby man ending up in the nicu like my other boys. I guess all we can do now is is hope everything goes well and his lungs are ready. I am guessing he's going to be quite a large boy. At 33 weeks he was already 6lbs. With ds 1 he measured the same and came out 9lbs 8oz and 23 1/2 inches. I'm hoping he will be a lil smaller so he can at least fit his newborn clothes for a couple days! Lol. I will update with pics as soon as I can. Smile

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Yay! Baby time! I can understand your nervousness. I'm nervous too. Well hopefully there are no complications and he's a perfect size and you can take him home right away.

Please update us when you can!

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Yay, how exciting? I hope everything goes smoothly for you with no complications! Good luck and KUP!

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Goood Luck! hope everything goes well! Can't wait to hear an update! Smile

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yay! Hoping for no complications so baby boy can come right home with you

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How exciting!! It's so nice to have a date and not just be waiting, I'm a little jealous!!

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How exciting! Good luck; I hope everything goes well and he is a good size. Smile

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So excited for you!!!!! Can't wait to see an update!!! Good luck!