some pics while we're all waiting

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some pics while we're all waiting

Here's 40 week belly picture

Here's what we did for her crib. It's up against my bed. Kind of a middle ground between co-sleeping and putting her in her crib. Hanging on the wall above it is a cross stitch that one of my MILs patients made for us (she's a nurse). MIL knitted the blanket.

Here's her stuff. The left is all clothes up to 9 months or so. The right is our cloth diapering stuff.

for fun ... here I am the day I had my c-section with DS. I was 39 weeks, 3 days. My acne was TERRIBLE! ... and my room a mess, lol.

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I love all the pics!!! Biggrin Good idea on making the crib the toddler part for co-sleeping.. Smile I'm so excited for you guys!

Tuesday is the goal date, right? Biggrin

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Her stuff looks so organized! I showed DH the picture and was like I wish we could be this'd start that way but wouldn't stay that way. LOL
Love the idea with the crib!

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You look awesome, the room looks awesome! I love your cloth diapering organization. I'm working on this right now. Running out of room.

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I had to hang all of her clothes because I know if I don't, the same ones will get used over and over - just the ones off the top. Your stuff DOES look very organized!!

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we did the same thing w/ dd crib! Are you vbacing this time? you are all belly and look amazing momma!

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Love the pictures! Cute baby bump! And I love how organized everything is! Smile

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Joan, your bump is the coolest haha.

I remember you being the same with Carson!

Have you picked a name out for DD yet?


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Hahaha, your bump is the coolest! I love that you're all out front.

Your organization has got me thinking...I'm liking that you put your cloth dipes in an open air storage thing. I bought those plastic drawers to keep mine in and now I wish I hadn't. I have some BGE's and other dipes with hemp/organic cotton and OMG those take forever to dry. I'm always scared to put them back in the drawer right away in the case that they are damp. I think for those dipes I need to invest in something else to hold them in that isn't enclosed.

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Aww Smile Love the belly pic! I told my DH that we would be doing the same thing with the crib if baby wasn't happy Blum 3 Hahaha.. he's hoping baby is happy! We will see.

She sure has lots of clothes and it looks so neat. I'm still not even close to being done with his clothes. One day at a time.