Sooooo excited!!!!

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Sooooo excited!!!!

Off topic but so happy today I finished my CAGS degree!!! Submitted a 66 page paper with 11,993 words and a PowerPoint that was 18 slides long and just heard back that I got a 4.0 on it!!!! So happy to finish another degree. By far the hardest since the Bachelors and Masters were completed before kids!

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Congrats! Do you think you will get any more degrees?

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Eventually I may extend my CAGS to a full administration degree. This was interdisciplinary studies so basically I am a practicing away from admin. At this point my goal was the end of our salary scale which is based on credits. 105 is the highest and I am at 102. School offers free credits but we find those out Wednesday so if nothing fits I may find a generic 3 credit course and just get it done. It takes a lot of people many years to get to 105 but I forced myself to push while kids were little and now I can cruise and collect most of annual raises

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That is awesome Aimee, congrats! I have been studying for my architect's license for 3 years now and I know its tough to study. Its been way harder since Henry was born. So go you for doing that with 2 kiddos!

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That's awesome! Way to go!!!

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Awesome news!!!!!!