Speaking of Movement...

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Speaking of Movement...

Okay I think my baby is hyper! LOL!! I literally am feeling the baby all day long. He will stop for a while then start up again. Today he must have switched to one whole side and I just felt the craziest movement like he was just rolling around in there. Movement is also much stronger too! Smile

THE only thing is I'm cramping a little. :confused: I think it might be from the progesterone since my CM is already globby and nasty! Sad I ALSO think I'm starting to get braxton hicks. My lower abdomen tenses up from time to time. Anyone else?

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Yeah for movement! I have felt some movement, but no barrel rolls yet. Smile DS was breech until late in my pregnancy and when he flipped it was WIERD.

I have had some BH contractions, mainly after being on my feet too long. They subsided after rest and lots of water.

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So cool that you are having so much movement. There are days where my baby is super active and I have felt a couple of fairly big movement. DH actually felt it for the first time last night, which was pretty exciting.

I haven't had any braxton hicks though. I still have some cramping every now and then and just have to tell myself its my uterus stretching. I hate it, feels exactly like AF still. It doesnt happen often though.

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That's exciting that you are feeling the baby a lot! I haven't had any BH yet, but with my last pregnancy, they started around 20 weeks and continued until the end of pregnancy.

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It's so exciting! Emma's really moving around in there some days. I feel lots of little sharp pains myself, but nothing too concerning.

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Yay for lots of movement! That is so exciting. Mine has days where he moves a ton, and other days where I don't feel him that often, although I have an anterior placenta so it may be that he is just kicking the placenta and I can't feel it. I have felt him every day for weeks now, but definitely some days it is more than others. I have felt a couple of really big barrel roll movements though, which feels soooo strange.

I have yet to ever have a BH contraction. I never had them with T, and I have not had them yet with this one either. I do get cramps that feel like they are in my cervical region every once in a while, which I always hate, but other than that my cramping is pretty much gone. I get a lot of RL pain though. Feels like every time I move the wrong way, I get a nasty stab of pain in my lower belly area on one side or the other.

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Just in the last few days have I felt any major movement other than tickles. Last night I had my hand on my stomach and felt the baby kick it. Of course, when DH got home, baby was asleep or something...lol. I haven't had any BH. I still have cramps on and off and like Alissa said, a ton of RL pain. OMG last night I rolled over and I started gasping for air because my side hurt so bad. DH was like what??? what??? haha