Speedy appointment

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Speedy appointment

Had an appt this morning. It was speedy. I'm still not dilated and 50% effaced. They are no longer telling me my measurements or the heartbeat, so I assume those are all good. I guess Henry is cozy in there.

I talked to her about writing me a doctor's note if I make it to 41 weeks. I've been working 60 hours a week and studying like a madwoman, I think I need a break. She agreed and said she give me a note. So I'm going to tell my bosses soon that my last day will be May 3rd if he doesn't arrive before then.

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Yay for good fast appt!!! You need to slow down momma and take some rest for yourself too!!!

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glad the appointment went well and good that you got the doctors note, your schedule sounds intense!

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Yay for a good fast appt. Now get some rest mama!

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Yay for a wonderful appointment! Hope everything continues to go well. Smile

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Yes, you completely deserve some slow down time! How have you been handling your deadlines? I know the struggle with working for someone who has the company first.. I get it.. but sometimes it's a struggle to balance getting our work done and taking care of ourselves.. Sad

I hope you're little guy comes sooner than May3rd, for sure!!!! :bigarmhug:

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holy cow lady how are you working so much? I can barely make it through the house without getting winded! lol Hope you get some time to rest before baby comes Smile