Started IVF cycle 2 last night.

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Started IVF cycle 2 last night.

I'm so incredibly nervous! Sad So far so good, I have 10 follicles already def. more than last cycle. RE changed my meds too, so let's see what happens. I go back on Friday for U/S and BW. I'm assuming the egg retrieval is next week as is the transfer. I haven't posted too much on this board yet because I'm still afraid to jinx myself, but I'm def. lurking each day.

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Good luck!!!! Keep us posted!

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Good luck! I will be hoping and praying that everything goes well!

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I have everything crossed for you lovely!!!
Can't wait for good news!!!

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Best of luck Marisol! I will be stalking you!

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oh good luck! i've got everything crossed for you!!!!!

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How exciting!! I think 10 follies sound great though IDK much of fertility meds or IVF. I hope you get a bunch of good eggs and they all fertilize!

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:goodluck: Crossing my fingers and toes for you! Hoping this IVF cycle brings you a happy, healthy and term baby!!! KUP on all the details of your journey!!