Started Reid on solids

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Started Reid on solids

I wasn't really planning on starting Reid on solids until he was six months old, but lately he has been soooo interested when we eat. Just watching so intently that you almost feel guilty eating in front of him and not offering him any. So today I went ahead and have him some rice cereal for "lunch" and "dinner" after I nursed him. And I must say, he was completely ready. He opened his mouth for the spoon, was lunging forward to get more of it, and was grumbling when I wasn't feeding him fast enough. He was all over it, so I feel like he was very ready even though he was only 5 months. Anyone else started on solids yet or starting soon?

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We started but have not been consistent. We have done the cereal here and there and a couple fruits. She doesn't really care for bananas but loves apples. DD hated the rice cereal and she likes it if I mix a lil apples in lol. Once school starts I think we will offer and feed her solids more

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I saw on FB last night! I don't think Lucas is ready but then again he is a month younger lol

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Wow solids! Fun stuff! Love his face, he is like where is the rest mom.

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So cute!! We plan on waiting till 6 months as I like to go straight to finger foods, but like you, I'm finding her lunging for our food and very curious about what we're doing. I'm laughing about the thought of you feeling guilty about eating in front of him, because I feel the same way sometimes! We'll see if we make it, she almost got a bite of my cupcake yesterday, lol, not by my doing, but she swatted at it and got it on her fingers, hahahaha.

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He is adorable!!!!!!!
We had Kylies 4 month check up yesterday(a few days shy of 4.5 months) and the dr recommended starting her on rice cereal. So I went and bought some but we haven't started yet.
Kylie is very interested when we eat. Her and I were with my mom and dad on Sunday and we went to breakfast with them and my dad was holding her on his lap(he's a lucky one who is ambidextrous) and every time he would take a drink or a bite she would watch and follow his actions. She does with us here at home and us too feel guilty when she is just sitting there watching us. Makes me wants to cry.

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J stares at DH when we have dinner, it's so funny! He sit in the bumbo on the table and just watches him. I've never had a kid interested in solids and we still plan to wait until 6 months and skip purees but it's too cute!

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We've started to sit her in the high chair and give her some baby spoons and a bowl to play with while we eat. It's been working well!