Still sick?

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Still sick?

So this morning I woke up in a weird mood. I took my inhaler multiple times last night - and this morning I just really have a tightness in my chest. I coughed - and stuff came up. *sigh* I was getting sick not too long ago, but it never dropped in my chest, so I thought I had beat it! ...guess not. Hopefully it's not bad...and goes away quickly.

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Oh Jessica ... such a miserable ride it's been for you. Sad I hope this passes soon.

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Sorry you are sick again. This year seems to be bad for the flu and other respiratory infections. Stock up on vitamin C and water!!!

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Ugh sorry you are sick. Rest up and lots of fit c. My students are going down here and there but those getting whatever it is not the flu is wiping them out for a few days at a time so take care of yourself

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Feel better soon!!!!!

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Yeah, you cannot get a break can you? I hope you start to feel normal soon.