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Stroller/Car Seat

So my parents have been saying all along that they would buy the crib/mattress and the stroller and car seat. But they wanted to wait until after the shower just in case. Which I was very OK with as we wouldn't of had room to store anything early on anyways. Well with our tax return, DH and I bought the crib and mattress. We've been out of work and my parents have been helping with a lot of little things and we felt that, this was something we could actually do on our own and not have to ask them for, so we did.
Anyways, mom and dad call me this morning and ask if I want to go with them to pick out a stroller and car seat, so I said sure. I was looking at a Graco Travel System that was on sale for $250. We had a Graco travel system with my son and loved it(I know some people feel differently), but we got rid of it because the car seat expired and I knew I was going to want something to match. Anyways, we get to Buy Buy Baby and instantly my dad goes for the 3 wheel jogging strollers. They had a 3 wheel travel system for $350. I tried telling them I didn't want them spending that much money, they didn't listen. Dad asks the sales guy if they had any others that I could choose from instead of just one. He shows us another one...$450 for just a stroller and would have to buy a seat separately. And once my dad heard the safety ratings on this new set, he was sold. So, we are now the proud new owners of a BOB Jogging 3 wheel stroller and a Britax Infant seat(Britax owns BOB for those who don't know). And the grand total....$590 after a 20% discount. I about had a heart attack. I was worried about asking them to do the $250 set thinking that was too much. Yup..I think my parents are officially nuts. LOL But after seeing that price it made me so glad DH and I did the crib/mattress on our own, because I just know my dad would have bought a $500 crib and $200 mattress just to have the best. lol
I mean, yes I appreciate this so much and thank god for my mom and dad because we would of struggled just to come up with the money for a car seat..but OMG!

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Wow, that was super nice of them! We did a Graco system with our first as well since they were within our price range. My carseat is still good so we will be using it again, but I am looking at double strollers and I have my heart set on a fairly pricey one which DH is kind of like :shock: but I didn't care for the Graco tandems when I tried them in the store, I prefer a side by side and I want a good one since I plan to use it a while and want one I can fold, load in the car and push easily by myself so I can go out and do stuff without waiting on DH to have free time. BOB and Britax are really great brands, so I am sure you will really like using them and how terrific of your parents to get them for you!

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It really is crazy how many options there are and how expensive some can be. We had an evenflo travel system with my DD and hated it so went with a grace seat this time and a drop in without the stroller. I have a jeep jogger that we used most the time so we skipped the system. We lucked out on a double and DHs cousin is a nanny for a family with two city trends doubles that they gave us the one barely used. My DD never goes in stroller anymore really and if she does it's usually the umbrella style one if we are at the mall or something

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How awesome of your parents!! I know its awkward to accpet big gifts from family, but they love to do it and there is usually no talking them out of it. Both of our parents went above and beyond. I'm so grateful.

Just give them huge hugs and enjoy your new BOB!!

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Congrats on such a wonderful gift!!! Biggrin Enjoy enjoy ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin

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Thanks ladies. I am very grateful for my parents and everything they have done for us. I just didn't want them to spend this much money. Especially since in about a year we will have to get a new car seat anyways. But, I told them this...I have a feeling my brother will be proposing this his girlfriend(not really sure when or anything just a feeling it will happen at some time) and if that happens....i'm giving him this car seat when we are done with it. LOL And then when we are done with the stroller in a few years he can have that too. Haha! Might as well for that kind of money.

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Wow!! Congrats! When I got my travel system - it was from some lady that I didn't even KNOW, apparently it's some friend of the family for DH. I was floored (she gave us other things too) that someone that "distant" spent all that money... It's gray though, I, of course, wanted something girly, but hey!?! I'm not gonna complain! LOL

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Wow, that's pretty awesome! ANd good idea giving items to your brother when you're done.
It does seem like people you don't expect go above and beyond and are really generous w/ gifts.

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Awe!! It's very sweet that he wants to get the best for his grandkid!! We have a Britax seat for our convertible and were very happy with it. I imagine it's a really nice stroller too that rolls and moves well. If it made the guy happy then so be it. I mean, I'd have flipped over my parents spending like that too, but it sounds like he really wanted to do it.

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I'm glad you got a car seat and stroller that you like! It sounds very nice. : )