Stroller question - and a small rant

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Stroller question - and a small rant

Okay. I have a travel system stroller/car seat combo. The car seat has a base that it snaps into (hence, the travel system.) Okay well, bases don't fit in my Mustang. The passenger seat won't lock into place and the carseat moves too much for me to be comfortable. SO, I bought a separate car seat (we will use the travel system in another car) and installed it baseless. The front seat locks into position and the car seat doesn't move. Great! Now - I need a stroller. A stand-alone full size stroller that can fold up. I can stick it in my trunk through the backseat because they fold down (obviously not the one the baby is sitting in), so size isn't a HUGE factor in the stroller area. Does anyone have any good (relatively cheap) ideas for a REGULAR stroller?

And while I am happy that people are offering me advice about the stroller/car seat thing, if ONE MORE PERSON tells me to just "take the car seat out and strap it into the stroller" I'm going to scream. I have a MUSTANG. The car seat is staying in my car. It's a PITA to take it out and put it in...and I know it's probably a PITA to take the kid out and in, too.. But I did it with my brother and I'll do it with Julie, too. I know travel systems are great, but for my car, it's just not going to work. UGH

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I don't know of a specific one that is good but thought I would say tell people to shush up. We had a combo with my daughter and honestly I hated it... So big and pain and this time got a snap and go. I then have a double city trend that someone sold me for $50 and have a jeep jogger. Is there a buy buy baby near you? They had the best open selection to try different things for us

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I am still rather clueless on strollers. Sorry no help here. We have 2 universal stroller hand me downs. Im thinking of donating one bc do I really need 2? I need to get a regular stroller for when the baby sits up. But I think we will wait until that actually happens.

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Yeah, unfortunately I don't know a ton about strollers other than how to use the two we have (a big one that the carseat snaps into or can be used separately when the baby is bigger, and then an umbrella stroller for when the baby is much bigger). But I agree that it's annoying that you're specifically asking about strollers where you don't need to take out the carseat.....and people are telling you to take out the carseat. LOL Have you thought about sidestepping the whole stroller question for a while and just getting a wrap? I don't plan on using my stroller very much (didn't with T either) because for most things I think it's easier to "wear" the baby and still have two free hands, especially when they are really small and relatively light.

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Alissa, I'm scared to death to "wear" the baby. Plus, I'm a big girl and I'm scared (maybe needlessly so) that she'll get all stuck in my rolls...LOL

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Will the travel system stroller have to stay in your DH's car? You should still be able to use that for her. I'm not sure which strollers are ok for a new born without the car seat part though. If you have to buy another one, I'd look at the consignment stores and your local yard sales and get something used to get you by. Sorry your travel system seat doesn't fit! I wouldn't want to take it in and out either.

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Maybe this is a dumb question, but did you try to put the base/car seat in the middle seat or do the front seats just go back too far for that to work too?

I had a lite stroller that I used and never had a travel system but I usually wear my babies when they're itty bitty. I don't really know of something that's good for when they're itty bitty... usually they should be a few months old before they are big enough to sit inside a stroller... that is a hard one. Sad You may just have to be taking the car seat in and out. Besides, what will you do when baby is sleeping? You'll just have to get used to it I guess. Mine you just stick the seat belt over top if it's in the middle seat and strap it on - is yours like that or do you have to have a locking clip, etc? If you just keep it on the same setting you should just be able to strap the seat in and out w/o a problem.

ETA: What if you moved the passenger seat up more and put the seat there or put the seat in the middle but moved it over a bit more to the passenger side and moved the seat up there? Trying to figure out how you can put the base in because then it would make it a lot easier for you.