Strollers - changed my mind!

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Strollers - changed my mind!

So I was going to go with the snap n go stroller and car seat that goes to 30 lbs instead of 22. Well, I went to buy the car seat I wanted on Amazon (they are doing 20% off select baby stuff for Amazon Mom/Prime members!) and realized that the one I want is only discounted in the pink color, not the blue color. Sad And even if I knew I was having a girl (I'm convinced I am FWIW.) I wouldn't want a pink seat for future kids. So the only other Graco choice is this: Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Car Seat, Little Hoot: Baby

Which is SUPER cute and is only $57 after the discount but it only goes to 22lbs. So I was looking more and there is also the matching stroller: Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller, Little Hoot: Baby

So together the total after discount was like $107!! My reasoning is that since I'm getting the lighter car seat, I should get a good stroller for when baby grows out of the car seat since the snap n go will only work until the car seat is maxed out.

Now I haven't bought them yet though; I'm contemplating some on Craigslist first. There are a couple of the Graco Lite strollers on there that are similar colors, but don't quite match, for about $15 cheaper... so I'm not sure quite yet. Thoughts? Should I just buy the matching set new or save some money on a used one? I don't really care *that* much that they match, but it would be nice. Smile Decisions, decisions! Plus, I can sell my snap in go and old stroller and recoup a bit of money. I love baby shopping!!

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Umm.... Buy the new matching ones!!! LOL

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Haha, I would buy the matching ones too! Great find!

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Ok, you twisted my arm, I bought them! SOOO excited to get them on Friday!!! Biggrin

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Yay!!! I was going to say buy the matching ones too. I contemplated just buying an infant seat and a stroller later to save money right now, but...I wanted them to match...a bit OCD I think. haha

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Hooray! I was gonna say to go with the good deal too while you found it.

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Cute! You may get them today, I bought my Skip Hop Versa Diaper bag and got it in one day.. with the prime shipping and amazon mom! It said 2 days but came early.