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Anyone have swelling? this morning my rt foot hurts to walk on it and iv'e noticed my ankles are a lil swollen now.. plus my wedding ring is tight on my finger now even tho my hands are cold... Anyone else?

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I haven't had any issues with swelling yet. My MW always pokes me during an exam to see if I'm swelling, I think she's concerned with my dehydration and protein in my urine that it could develop into pre-e. Good luck, I hope it goes away!

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No swelling yet here either. I think that swelling is very very common though. I hope it goes down soon. Get lots of water and put your feet up. Smile

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I've avoided it so far, but I'm sure it's coming. My feet and ankles were a mess towards the end of my last pregnancy.

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No swelling here yet either, but my feet and ankles were pretty swollen by the end of my last pregnancy, so I'm sure its only a matter of time.

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I have noticed some slight swelling in my ankles. Nothing nobody else would notice, but I do.