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What symptoms are you ladies having right now?

I have really mild nausea - almost that feeling of having eaten too much, but I know I haven't.

My boobs are HUGE. They've been sore off and on, but they're so friggin swollen.

I am constantly hungry but I can't eat more than a few bites of anything.

I am constantly exhausted. At least part of it can be blamed on weaning off caffeine and chasing a three year old. I have been going to bed right after my son goes down for the night.

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I am also getting the nausea, but more of an "I'm hungry" nausea than "I'm full". I'm still getting the excess salivation, not bad enough that I need to spit it out like before, but it's still more than usual.

I'm the opposite of you, Holly, my boobs aren't bigger than they usually are, but MAN are they sore!! I still can't get over how much they hurt.

I'm tired, emotional (like, crying while I'm doing dishes kind of emotional), and short tempered right now. While I'm anxious for this stage to pass, and to be moving into the second trimester, I can honestly say that I've never been so happy to feel like crap. Anyone with me?

Also, sex drive is GONE. Poor FH. I've been really paranoid because I'm still getting sporadic spotting. It's never been anything other than light pink, or light brown, which I have learned is pretty normal, but I'm still worried that BDing will do damage or something. LOL! Also, orgasms lead to intense, period-like cramping. I really hope THAT passes soon.

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Nothing over here and it's driving me mad!!!!!!!!

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"browntown" wrote:

While I'm anxious for this stage to pass, and to be moving into the second trimester, I can honestly say that I've never been so happy to feel like crap. Anyone with me?


Lessee....boobs are tender (sometimes down right achey, sometimes just hurts if I press), kind of mildly queasy at all times, but then sometimes escalating to actual gagging and sometimes throwing up, exhausted (this is the worst one for me right now), emotional (wept while listening to Landslide by Fleetwood Mac on repeat for about 20 minutes yesterday lmao).

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Mari - Don't sweat it! Most people don't get m/s and stuff like that until they are 6-8 weeks. My only symptom at 4 weeks was sore boobs, and I'm pretty sure that was from the progesterone because I had that every month when I was on it, even when I wasn't preggo.

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A little on and off again nauseau. Very tired, and lots of mild cramps on and off. I HATE IT! LOL! I keep waiting to start. And I am Miss Crankypants at night because I get so tired!

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Well... let's see.. sore, extremely sore. I have hellacious (is that a word?) nausea and vomiting. I'm tired, but that could be because I'm throwing up all the time and I'm just ...I don't think depressed is the word I'm looking for, maybe just down. I know me feeling like crap is making my baby better, but I just want to sit and cry....with my trash can of course.

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Right now fatigue is really bad. DS is still waking 4-5 times at night to nurse so not much sleep for me. I'm hungry all the time. Nausea is just setting in for me. It feels more like hunger pangs though.

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Mari, I don't really have any either. My boobs are sore sometimes and at night I get cramps that feel like AF. So I'm ready for that to be over with. I almost wish I had nausea instead of cramping, since its more of a preg symptom. But I guess I should be careful what I wish for.

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Every now and then I get a little cramping, my bbs hurt and I'm exhausted but that's it for me so far.

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Ugh boobs barely hurt today...hate this Crap!! I'm starting to really worry considering taking a hpt to see how the line is but I'm afraid of it being lighter. Maybe I should wait till Monday's beta...

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Marisol, you're still really early - I didn't start having symptoms w/ my babies until 6-8 weeks.
I'm having some food aversions, no strong cravings yet, usually nothing sounds good to me. Sometimes I feel a little queasy but nothing horrible yet.

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Well I posted that very early this morning. Since then I've had much more cramping and hoping it's a good thing and my boobs have begun to hurt more. That cramping is off and on, like I have it now then it goes away then comes back later on. *fingers crossed cramping is good**

You know nothing sounds good to me either. :confused: Like right now I'm hungry and there is absolutely nothing I want to eat!