Symptoms on overload today..

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Symptoms on overload today..

Wow. I went to work today (with Zofran of course). Work went fine, started feeling queasy towards the end. I got home and we were supposed to have a cookout with DH's family today. I don't know what in the world I ate, but even WITH stomach meds, I started throwing up almost immediately after I ate...and I have been since. *sigh* and I'm starving, but everything I try to eat just comes right back up. His family finished up and left..and I busted into tears telling him...well all kinds of stuff. He was good about it. Hope he knows he's got a lotttt longer of this.

And this might be TMI, but is anyone else constipated? It kinda hurts...

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Sorry you have been feeling so poorly! I hope that you start feeling better asap! That is just miserable!

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Wow that sounds rough, hopefully ms doesn't last too much longer for you.

I am not constipated, but rather the opposite. I hear constipation is normal. Try prunes, works every time for me.