Talk about TMI...

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Talk about TMI...

So this happened with my daughter as well but... I have some major swelling on my hoo-ha... I had it with Noel too from about 30 weeks on; this time it started at about 20 weeks. :eek: And it's only on one side but it's really nasty looking and can be annoying. Anyone else? My midwife suggested getting one of those support belt thingies and the thing is, I think I have one but I didn't know what it was and either threw it away or put it somewhere random. The one thing she said it can effect in labor is tearing and I tore pretty good w/ my daughter so I'm not too happy about it happening again. It's really weird though; that's the only thing swelling on me other than occasionally my feet swell a bit from tighter socks.

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Oh man, that sounds uncomfortable! I haven't experienced that one yet. I hope it goes down soon. LOL Sorry, all I can think of to suggest is cutting back your sodium, and that sounds kind of ridiculous when you're talking about your hoo-hah. LOL

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It's kind of an area that is hard to elevate! Smile

That happened with Sam, I am hoping it doesn't start this time.

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Yikes sounds majorly uncomfy. I dont have swelling, but I feel like lately the baby is sitting very low and like Im being kicked down there in the hooha. Is that normal?

Hope the belt support thing helps...when you find it.

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Elizabeth - my MW said that my baby is breech, which means I'll be feeling movement low until she turns around, then her feet will be up in my ribs. So, if yours is breach, then you'd be feeling movement low as well.

However, I think my baby girl lays straight across horizontal. I feel movement low, but on the left and the right.

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That sounds really uncomfortable. I don't have visible swelling, but I do have pubic bone pain on one side and that is bad enough.

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I also had one of those belt things for vulvar varicose veins with my first daughter but so far no problem. As far as the pubic bone pain I HIGHLY recommend a prenatal chiropractor. I was so skeptical and dealt with a lot of pain with my daughter and this time it started so early I couldn't take it. Listened to a friend and it is amazing how much better I feel. I went 5 times in a two week period and now only need like once a month he said.

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Ouch...I hope the swelling goes down quickly.

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That sounds really miserable. I wonder if doing kegels would help improve blood flow to the area??? Just a wild guess.

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Yeah I don't know. The weird thing is, when I wake up in the morning having been lying down for several hours, I'm still swollen. It goes down at random times. So I don't know. I have an appt this week so I'll probably ask about it... last time there was another woman in there training to be a midwife and I felt a bit uncomfortable talking about it around her!