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    It all depends on the teeth but usually it is not long and a teeth fever usually is only low grade and happens in the afternoon/early evening. Most day cares won't send you home under 100.4 and a teething fever is never usually higher than that. For my DD it depended on the teeth. Some we never would know and others were he'll. the eye teeth was the longest to come in and they caused soooo much pain for her. We loved loved loved Sophie the giraffe for teething times. It is dishwasher safe and the legs were great for her to get all the way int the back for those tough teeth.
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    we have buckets of drool happening here too.
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    I thought maybe Reid was starting to teethe because he was drooling like crazy, but then I read that tons of drool starting in the second month is totally normal aside from teething. Something to do with them producing more saliva and not knowing to swallow it.

    I'm not looking forward to teething. It makes them all kinds of cranky, and yes, DS1 bit me once when he was about 9-10 months old, hard enough to break the skin and draw blood! FTR though he only did it once (not sure if my involuntary reaction -OUCH!!!!!-cured him of wanting to or if I just got more vigilant about not letting him play around.) We nursed for just shy of 14 months and only had the one Incident.
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    Oh my you ladies scare me. Yikes, not looking forward to teeth.
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    I highly recommend amber teething necklaces from inspiredbyfinn.com. I've already put one on J because he started drooling too and he rarely drools now! I love them!
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