Teething: Sadie officially has a tooth

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Teething: Sadie officially has a tooth

Sadie officially has a tooth. It broke through her gums yesterday. Iv'e been having to use baby oragel on her gums to help with the pain when shes fussy cause all she was wanting to do was chew on me or a teething ring . My older kids didn't get a tooth till 5 mos, 8 mos and 9 mos. Poor baby girl no wonder shes been fussy

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awe ... poor little girl! I'm not looking forward to teeth!

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Aww poor baby. I think Rylee is working on one also. Our pedi doesn't have us use largely due to gag reflex. DD was pretty easy except the darn canines

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Wow that is an early tooth! Poor girl, hope she feels better soon.

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Oh my gosh! Poor girl. Hopefully she will feel better now that it has broken through. I think Reid may be getting ready because he is drooling SOOOO much and constantly has his fist in his mouth. I have been giving him teething rings which he also likes to gum on. But he hasn't been cranky yet or had a fever or anything, so maybe not.

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Poor baby! Hope she's feeling better now.

And can I just say..why does this seem so early? Time is just moving way to fast. My DS was a late teether and we had no problems with him. Kylie on the other hand, drools a ton and is constantly chewing on on her fingers or anything she can get in her mouth. Wonder how long this will go on before one pops through.