Thanksgiving plans?

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Thanksgiving plans?

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

Today we are going over to my MILs to help get ready for Thanksgiving (bake pies, et cetera.) It is a tradition that all of DH's mom's side of the family come to help the day before, and I think we all actually enjoy the day before as much if not more than the actual day of.

I also have to go to the store today to get the stuff to make Alton Brown's green bean casserole which I am taking to my mom's house tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will make the green bean casserole in the morning, and then we are going to my mom's house for Thanksgiving lunch. It won't be nearly as big. My mom is supplying the ham, I am bringing the green beans, and my SIL is bringing mashed potatoes. Still big for lunch, but not a huge affair. It will just be me, DH, T, my mom and dad, and my brother and SIL. Tomorrow night we will go to DH's parents' house for the main event, which will be DH's mom's entire family and lots of their friends (about 25-30 people, yikes!) They do a huge thing every year.

What are you all up to?

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We are going over to my parents tomorrow and staying until Saturday evening. With all the family, there will be 20+ people for the big dinner and then again on Saturday we will do a big lunch to celebrate my Dad's b-day. I wish I was going in time to help cook/bake cause that's as fun as eating it, but I don't have off work today and DH doesn't want to go til tomorrow anyway. I have been feeling kind of crappy a lot this week too, so I probably wouldn't be able to help much even if we were there. I was actually thinking of making a dessert tonight when I get off work to bring, but I woke up at 4:00am and was awake for an hour and a half so I have a lack of sleep induced headache and am feeling extra nauseous so I think I'm going to just focus on finishing packing and try to get to bed really early so I can get enough rest to feel good for tomorrow.

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DH is going over his moms early tomorrow to get a head start on cooking the turkey and ham. I'm gonna sleep in and meet him over there later. It won't be as many people as Sunday, but still definitely enough. I get along good with his fam, but I still don't like a lot of people around.

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My family all lives far away so I am cooking and having two other families (friends) over. Two couples and 4 additional kids besides my little guy.

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My family first like usual, then we drive into NY to spend the night in my BIL's house.

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We are headed to my mom and dads and will do dinner there with them and my brother and his girlfriend. Later on some family friends will be stopping by. So it will actually be a nice quiet day which is just fine by me. We will still have as much food as we would if there were going to be more people around.

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Tomorrow we are having thanksgiving at DH's grandmother's house with his family. And Saturday we are doing thanksgiving with my family. My dad has to work thanksgiving, so it works perfectly.

I also have a 2 night pakastani wedding event Im going to Friday and Saturday. Im excited to wear the traditional pakastani wedding attire! I will take photos! And I have to study, thats always a bummer.