Is there something you can't get enough of?

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Is there something you can't get enough of?

I have no idea what is going on but I'm obsessed with olives! Like really bad. I literally have to force myself not to look in the fridge or I can eat the ENTIRE bottle! This has been going on for a week now. I even eat them for breakfast, just have like 3 at a time. My boobs barely hurt, have no nausea, etc, buy my goodness I'm dying for olives!!!!!! UGH!!!!

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I'm obsessed with one particular restaurant's fried pickles. It's a good thing this place is on the other side of the city!

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Sleep! Haha! Foodwise, I'm having way more aversions than cravings. Waffles are my main craving right now. Everything else just sounds nasty. Pizza especially. My brother mentioned going to a pizza place yesterday and the thought of it made me gag.

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I want to eat any kind of starchy carb. Bread, pasta, crackers, pita bread, waffles, whatever. If it tastes or feels like bread, and I can Put butter on it, I want it. I would run somebody over for a loaf of fresh baked home made bread right now.

I don't feel like eating salad, but nothing outright makes me want to barf. Yet.

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Most things make me pukey but lately I've been craving Mexican. We went out for it last week and I've been eating quesadillas for lunch the past couple days.

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Jessica - I was grocery shopping two days ago and I walked by the bag salad and gagged.. LOL! I usually love a salad, but the thought of one.. ugh...

I've been wanting spicy food. I got a spicy chicken sandwich from Chic Fil A, and they ended up giving me chicken tenders... which really pissed me off because I was seriously craving that hot-ness. Totally should have gone to Wendys.

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Spicy food is kind of my thing lately too. Mmmmm.....spicy......

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Did I really just lick all the seasonings off of a Dorito?

Yes, yes I did!

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It's funny; I usually LOVE grocery shopping because I coupon and it's fun to see how good of a deal I can get. But lately I have really been putting it off and when I make the list I get nauseous thinking about all the food. :puke:

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Just the thought of food makes me nauseous! I am having a really hard time eating because nothing sounds good and when I do eat it usually makes me feel horrible. But if I don't eat every 2 hours I get really sick from not eating. =/ Screwed if I do, screwed if I dont! lol Though potato soup has been sounding really good, I dont have anything to make it. Grrr!

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So I have been craving pickles and not just any pickle, i want claussen pickles in the refrigerator section. then I wrap them with sandwich meat.. I even bough pickle chip, dill cashews and dill pickle dip all in the same day!