Thinking of getting rid of my Moby

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Thinking of getting rid of my Moby

... and getting a Baby K'tan. First of all, I'm getting tired of the time it takes to wrap it and it's a pain in a parking lot. Second, it's hot and they make a Baby K'tan that got mesh. I should mention I live in Georgia and summer is coming. I've heard they wear out fast though, so I'm still iffy. Not wearing her over the summer is not an option because she hates her car seat carrier.

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Nothing wrong with multiple baby carriers Smile

The K'tan would be great for you! I currently have: a pouch sling, a Moby, a Boba, and a lightweight bamboo stretchy wrap. I agree about the Moby being pretty thick for hot weather!

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I don't like the Moby because it takes so long to wrap too. My ring sling isn't too hot yet. I don't know much about the K'tan though.

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We will switch to an ergo once Tim is bigger--maybe at 4 months. I prewrap at home when I know I am going to need to put him in when outside. It's way too muddy to do it in the parking lot!

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I have a friend that swears by her K'tan. I agree the moby is pretty hot. Can't wait until Henry gets a bit bigger so I can use my mei tai.