Thought it was gas, but...

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Thought it was gas, but...

So, I've been feeling the baby move for about 2 1/2 weeks now. It tickles mainly, but the other night I could swear she kicked me good in the belly button.

However, I'm just sitting here thinking I haven't felt those little tickles in awhile, so I whipped out my doppler and everything is fine. Then it hit me, I've been having "gas bubbles" for four days now. I wonder if I've escalated from tiny tickles to something a bit more substantial. I don't usually ever have gas, so having it for four days is stretching it.

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Yep, I bet it's kiddo in there. Smile They get stronger, and as they do, the feeling changes and gets stronger too. If you're really curious, eat something sweet, sit down, and wait. I bet your "gas bubbles" will start up again within a half an hour as the sugar hits baby's blood stream and makes her feel like dancing. Smile

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That's probly baby moving around in there! Smile Like Alissa said, if you eat or drink some juice i'm sure baby will start kicking and you'll notice it. That's so exciting!!

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Oh yeah, mine responds very fast after I eat. So awesome that we are feeling our little ones!

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Yes, I always feel mine after eating too and it can feel just like gas at times.

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I swear I replied to this yesterday, but it's not here. Anyway, that's definitely baby! It feels a lot like gas at first. After I had Carson, I remember having some actual gas bubbles and getting a little thrown off becuase it felt like a baby moving.