Threw Up in a Parking Lot

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Threw Up in a Parking Lot

My OB's parking lot, to be exact. I was chewing gum, and all of the sudden the extreme mint flavor turned on me. I had to hurry up and park so I could open my door and stick my head out! Who throws up because of (like 10 minute old!) gum? I guess it's now official...I'm pregnant. Biggrin

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Haha. Sounds like me. I'll be fine and BOOM something makes me wanna throw up. I've only actually thrown up once (yesterday), but I'm constantly thinking about NOT throwing up, because I any time.

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LOL! I'm sure that sucked at the time, but those moments will be fond memories some day!

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I remember getting m/s at exactly 6 weeks! It's a bittersweet moment! That is the only reason I'm scared of getting pregnant again. Thanks for reminding me Smile

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Bad place to happen.... But yay!!!!! For m/s!!!!

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I want to throw up like that! Smile LMAO!!!!

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Haha poor you! Those are the worst times.


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I threw up in a church parking lot once when DH and I were taking a drive. Totally right in the middle of the paved lot too. No one was there, but I think it was a Saturday so it was probably still there the next day. DH was like "couldn't you have gone in the grass?" Nope!
Puking is a good sign though! Mine started at 6 weeks with my second so it's totally normal. LOL and I'm wishing 6 weeks would get here so we can tell everyone!