Thrush and brown sugar!

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Thrush and brown sugar!

Ugh! So we noticed sometime last week that Kylies tongue was covered in white and I at first thought it was from the formula. But on Saturday we took her for her newborn pictures and the photographer mentioned thrush.
I called the dr yesterday and they couldn't get her in until today, but took her in this morning and sure enough it's thrush. He gave an antibiotic for her but was really impressed because it doesn't bother her at all. She still takes her bottles like normal and isn't any extra cranky or anything.

She weighed in at 8lbs even(but I think thats a few oz high as she was fully clothed and in a diaper that hadn't been changed in an hour and a half since the dr was running late and this little girl pees a ton. Haha) and 19in long.

I also learned something new. Kylie only poops once a day and since being born has only skipped a day twice. Dr said thats fine its when they start skipping a few days in a row that they worry. Anyways when she does poop she grunts and groans for almost half an hour before being done and fills a diaper. So I asked the dr today if there was something we could give her to help make it easier for her to go. She isn't fussy or anything except for maybe an hour or so before she goes but thought i'd ask anyways. This is what the dr said...once or twice a day(morning and night) do 2oz of nursery water and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Never in my life would have thought of that. He also said we could do 1oz nursery water and 1oz of prune juice as well. Just food for thought for you all! Smile

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Sorry about the trush, but good that it's not bothering her. I've never heard of the brown sugar thing. Interesting!

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Sorry about the thrush, but its great that she isn't bothered by it.

I have a friend whose daughter only pooped like 1x a week or something and herr doctor said it was normal. So strange. I have never heard of the brown sugar either. Interesting! Hope it works.

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Rylee is the same with her pooping and the doc said same thing not to worry. She also is not fussy but when she is pooping she works it that's for sure. We haven't given her anything since she is going the once a day. Funny thing is if we go in the car seat and she has not done her one a day yet she goes every time! Natural laxative for her I guess