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Thread: Tips for hospital bag or going to the hospital?

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    I started packing my bag last night.

    On my list of 5 things left to do, this was #5.. and it'll be done by this weekend.

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    I will most likely be the lightest packer of all. DH and I went to Thailand for 2 weeks and took 1 small backpack each. We went to Europe for 6 weeks and took just a slightly larger backpack each. Haha. I guess I just don't care how I look. I do look back at photos and think, yuck I look so gross.

    My hospital also said not to bring too much for the baby because they provide everything for the first couple of days and send you home with stuff. They said they have hospital gowns for the baby, receiving blankets, hats, diapers, wipes, lanolin. They even have heated towels!

    So I was thinking electronics (ipod, phone, camera), fuzzy socks, pony tail holder, chapstick, tinted moisturizer (I hate wearing makeup unless I'm going to work), snacks, bikini top for birthing in, nursing tops, change of clothes, and a couple of options for a coming home outfit for Henry. I don't think I will cloth diaper for the first week, so I will leave that at home.

    One thing I *might* bring is baby body wash and my own shampoo. I'm a product snob and I like all my fancy organic stuff, and I'm not sure what the hospital uses, so I might bring my own. Oh and my earth mama angel baby Bottom spray. LOL...tmi. I've been having the worst hemmoroids lately and this spray is a freaking lifesaver. It's recommended to use after giving birth. So I cannot forget that one.
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    Oooh, thank you for reminding me Elizabeth! I want to also bring a bikini top for the birthing tub.
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    I have to bring a lot because the birthing center doesn't provide much. They do have sheets now but with DS I had to bring those. I do have to bring a ton of towels and washcloths. Maybe some snacks? We don't get free food so I'll want stuff to munch on.
    Last time I wasn't even there overnight but this time I probably will be so I will need the basic toiletry stuff. And last time I packed this normal t-shirt and it was so ugly on me in the pictures! So definitely a looser fitting shirt and stretchy pants.
    I was REALLY awake and a bit bored last time so definitely the laptop/phone and maybe a book or something... I dunno. I have a list somewhere... I'll have to find it. And I'll have to pack stuff for DH because he isn't good at packing himself.

    I use Tucks pads for the hemmorhoids - they are great! And as for the pads - I built up a stock of Depends and they are AWESOME for after birth because you don't have to worry about getting blood all over your undies and you change the whole thing. Yes, it is an adult diaper but honestly, I felt so yucky down there afterward (I tore quite a bit - almost 2nd degree) that it was like heaven!

    Ok just looked at my list from before and a few other things - don't forget a camera, the installed car seat and the baby book if you want foot/handprints.

    You might want to pack a swimsuit for your DH Alissa if you might want him in the tub with you (mine just sat outside the tub but I'll bring him one just in case).
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