Tips for hospital bag or going to the hospital?

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Tips for hospital bag or going to the hospital?

So, I was thinking today that one thing that I definitely want to do "differently" this time is take a shower before I go to the hospital if at all possible (I'm assuming that I'm going to have the normal 12+ hours labor like I had last time, and will have plenty of time to shower before.) I have pretty oily hair, and it looks fine as long as I shower every day, but it starts looking really terrible really fast after about 24 hours. Last time, I showered on Sunday morning, went into labor around 12 am Monday morning, and had T around 11 am Monday morning, and then didn't shower again until Tuesday. One thing I've always hated is that in all of the pictures from that first day, my hair looks soooo greasy. I know that is a completely dumb and superficial thing to think about, but there it is. This is the sort of stuff that I worry about. LOL So, I'm thinking that I will try to make a point to take a quick shower before I leave for the hospital this time.

Other than that, I was pretty happy with my choices for what to bring in my hospital bag, and will probably stick to the same this time around. I will bring:

1. Hair brush and hair ties (yes, I'm obsessed with my hair. Not in a good way. My hair is the worst. LOL)
2. Chapstick
3. Warm socks
4. My robe and slippers (this is for after the delivery, don't want to get them all bloody because I love them.)
5. Comfy change of clothes (still maternity - I did not get back to my pre-maternity size the next day last time.)
6. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth brush and tooth paste, moisturizer, razor (it really bothered me to not be able to shave my armpits last time while in the shower at the I'm just a weirdo about really needing to stick to my personal hygiene routines...)
7. Books and movies (mostly for the evenings after everyone goes home)
8. Nipple cream and nursing pads (although my milk probably won't come in at the hospital - just in case.)
9. Newborn diapers and a comfy "going home" outfit for Rocket (likely just a warm sleeper with a onesie and socks)
10. Extra blanket for Rocket - while he's in his car seat and waiting to get in the car - I imagine it will be cold.
11. iPhone and wallet of course, and headphones for the phone so I can listen to music

That's all I can think of. Anyone else have any tips for things to do or must haves bring to the hospital? Things you will do differently this time?

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snacks - granola bars, cheese and crackers, anything easy - mostly for DH but nice to have in case
comfy clothes for DH, nice if he stays the night during labour or comes directly from work
list of people to call, we set up a draft email that all DH had to do was fill in time and weight to be sent when Robbie was born
hand lotion - the hospital was so dry and all the hand washing made my hands peal

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Alissa, LOL about your hair! My hair is SUPER thick and this whole pregnancy I've been so so so so so lazy. I do wash it, brush it and pull it back. But it gets SO frizzy, it's horrid looking! And I don't even care! LMAO If I dry it, it's a *little* less frizzy, but truth be told - I need to straighten it. If I had to wash my hair everyday, I'd go insane. I wash it every other and I generally take showers at night and I don't feel like drying my hair and straightening it afterwards. Yeah, I'm THAT lazy. DH even bought me a new hairdryer for Christmas and I've used it (drum roll please) twice! But I hear ya on the oily part. Funny thing is - when I have it blond (which, has also gone by the wayside while pregnant), you can't really tell as bad when it gets oily. When I have it straight, I can usually go three days without it looking horrible.
I just wrote a paragraph on my hair. Awesome.
I'm glad you wrote all that stuff down for your hospital bag. I'm kind of on the fence about what to take for DH. And what kind of "bag" do you use? DH is thinking about the small suitcase (for all three of us), but I'm just not sure. Plus, a lot of the stuff I want to take (like phone, computer) I can't add until last minute. Which probably means it won't make it in there because I'm soooo horrible at remembering stuff.

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Jess - I am in the process of growing out my bangs PURELY because I got too lazy to keep blow drying them every morning and they don't lay right unless I blow dry them. I looked really cute with bangs, and I don't even care, I'm too lazy to take the, what, 2 minutes to do them! LOL Luckily, I have really straight hair, so other than my bangs it doesn't really do anything weird if I don't blow dry it, which is why a blow dryer has not been near my head in months. I can get away with washing it and combing it and walking out the door, so that's what I do. But I'm still to vain to skip washing it for a day (you don't even know - it seriously slicks to my skull after 24's wretched.) If I could get away with washing it less, I totally would.

I'm not taking anything for DH. Is that bad? LOL!!! Well, reason being, first of all, he's a big boy and is fully capable of packing his backpack with stuff if he wants it. He may want to bring his iPad, and that is totally fine with me, but he's going to be responsible for it. Second of all, he will almost certainly go home to be with T in the evenings for the two nights I'm there (which is fine with me, those fold out hospital chairs that he would have to sleep on are AWFUL and I want T to feel as secure as he can in the middle of all of these big life changes that will be happening to our family.) Third, he wouldn't eat snacks even if I packed them. I tried that last time, and he wouldn't touch a bite. I think he was too worked up and nervous. So yeah, he's on his own. LOL

I have an extra large tote bag that I will probably use. I don't think it matters what bag you use, as long as you can get all of the stuff you want into it.

Hmmm, maybe I'll bring my Boppy too.

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For me a camera is a must. Smile I agree snacks (for ME Lol ) are a must.

I've seen some lists that suggest a deck of cards but an iPad / computer are just as comparable in this electo-world.

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I think you have a pretty good list going.
I will have to ask my dr how they feel about me eating. Last time I was induced and couldn't eat anything at all. So we'll probably put a few snacks in the bag for DH. He will bring the laptop, because he will be in a session for class so I want to make sure that during down time(waiting for baby or after) that he can work on school work to not get behind.
We will also be bringing the baby book so the nurses can do the footprints/handprints in ink.
Otherwise it will be pretty standard stuff....shampoo, conditioner, brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and shaving cream and comfy clothes for me. Also maybe a few sleepers or onesies for the baby.

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I am the same about my hair except mine is curly and without shower and mousse I hate it!!! If I go scheduled I have been thinking I will shower the night before and straighten my hair. This way it should look ok for the pics the day of until I shower the day after. I am also bringing maternity size clothes because they are more comfy for the time after lol... Since a lot of my bag stuff is last minute stuff what I did last time was have a list beside the bag and we got it all last minute. Granted mine was still planned but it helped. DH isn't staying this time so no bag for him and I will put me and rylees stuff ( I bring sleepers just because more cozy in my mind)... I overpacked ridiculously last time so hoping this time not to

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I don't blame you at all for caring about your hair! I'm actually going to bring a small amount of make-up this time, which is funny because I almost NEVER wear it, but I hate how I look in all of our pictures from the hopsital with DS. I was soooo broken out from the hormones. There's going to be a ton of pictures of you from those few days, so why not look good? Besides, I think it helps you feel better if you can spruce yourself up a bit after going through that.

For the rest of my bad, I am going to bring some snacks for DH this time and my midwife told me to bring some drinks with sugar in them (just nothing red). I have a few things for the baby, a robe and sweats for me, going to splurge on some new undies, lol.

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I am copying this thread for when the time comes. I still have a ways to go before I have to do all that! Some good things mentioned here. Thanks!

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I wasn't allowed to eat, but could have a few pieces of hard candy! And I took some of my own pads, because those big diapers they give ya... I was just more comfy in my own after the first night when things slowed down some. Wink

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I started packing my bag last night. :shock:

On my list of 5 things left to do, this was #5.. and it'll be done by this weekend.

EEEEKKKK!!! :shock:

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I will most likely be the lightest packer of all. DH and I went to Thailand for 2 weeks and took 1 small backpack each. We went to Europe for 6 weeks and took just a slightly larger backpack each. Haha. I guess I just don't care how I look. I do look back at photos and think, yuck I look so gross.

My hospital also said not to bring too much for the baby because they provide everything for the first couple of days and send you home with stuff. They said they have hospital gowns for the baby, receiving blankets, hats, diapers, wipes, lanolin. They even have heated towels!

So I was thinking electronics (ipod, phone, camera), fuzzy socks, pony tail holder, chapstick, tinted moisturizer (I hate wearing makeup unless I'm going to work), snacks, bikini top for birthing in, nursing tops, change of clothes, and a couple of options for a coming home outfit for Henry. I don't think I will cloth diaper for the first week, so I will leave that at home.

One thing I *might* bring is baby body wash and my own shampoo. I'm a product snob and I like all my fancy organic stuff, and I'm not sure what the hospital uses, so I might bring my own. Oh and my earth mama angel baby Bottom spray. LOL...tmi. I've been having the worst hemmoroids lately and this spray is a freaking lifesaver. It's recommended to use after giving birth. So I cannot forget that one.

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Oooh, thank you for reminding me Elizabeth! I want to also bring a bikini top for the birthing tub.

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I have to bring a lot because the birthing center doesn't provide much. They do have sheets now but with DS I had to bring those. I do have to bring a ton of towels and washcloths. Maybe some snacks? We don't get free food so I'll want stuff to munch on.
Last time I wasn't even there overnight but this time I probably will be so I will need the basic toiletry stuff. And last time I packed this normal t-shirt and it was so ugly on me in the pictures! So definitely a looser fitting shirt and stretchy pants.
I was REALLY awake and a bit bored last time so definitely the laptop/phone and maybe a book or something... I dunno. I have a list somewhere... I'll have to find it. And I'll have to pack stuff for DH because he isn't good at packing himself.

I use Tucks pads for the hemmorhoids - they are great! And as for the pads - I built up a stock of Depends and they are AWESOME for after birth because you don't have to worry about getting blood all over your undies and you change the whole thing. Yes, it is an adult diaper but honestly, I felt so yucky down there afterward (I tore quite a bit - almost 2nd degree) that it was like heaven!

Ok just looked at my list from before and a few other things - don't forget a camera, the installed car seat and the baby book if you want foot/handprints.

You might want to pack a swimsuit for your DH Alissa if you might want him in the tub with you (mine just sat outside the tub but I'll bring him one just in case).