TMI (but kinda funny)

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TMI (but kinda funny)

Last night, DH and I got a little frisky. We were in the middle of doing "it" and I felt like I was gonna throw up. I figured I could hold it, but suddenly it came up. I put my hands on DH's arms and pushed, while trying to roll over. My DH is a big guy, there's no way in hell I can move him, but luckily he backed up, I rolled and threw up on the floor beside the bed.

Then I cried.

After making sure I was okay, DH carried on like nothing had happened, but.. I was kinda out of the mood.

Now it's kind of funny, but I was MORTIFIED last night.

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Oh no!! I just feel bad that you're still puking.

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Oh my gosh!!!! I would NEVER live that down if that were my DH. I can't believe he was ready to just keep going like nothing happened! LMAO! Men!

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That sounds like something my hubby would do!When it comes to DTD, I think guys just dont give a crap! You could have probly thrown up on him and he probly still would have carried on! I know my hubby probly would have!

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Ohhh you poor thing, that totally sucks!!!! These men...really. THey would do anything would they!

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Oh no! Well at least he didn't flinch. My DH is pretty squimish. So it probably wouldn't have gone down the same way. Haha.

Sorry you are still getting sick. I think about you everyday when I brush my teeth! Hope it goes away soon.

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Oh no, I would have been so embarrassed too. I'm sorry you are still throwing up, I hope that goes away for you soon.

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Oh my gosh, that's crazy haha!

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too funny! thanks for sharing that Smile and men... wth is wrong w/ them?! lol