tmi - discharge?

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tmi - discharge?

Anyone else having a weird discharge? Its not discharge-y, its more liquid... but I see like a dark yellow on the tp when I wipe. I don't know what it is, its definitely not brown or red. Its very weird. Its almost like dark pee....?

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I barely have any discharge, but I know friends of mine had a lot in their pregnancies. My pee is darker though and when I wipe the tp is much more yellow than normal, but I figured it was just pregnancy pee and prenatal vitamins?

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Hmmm I know my urine is always a lot darker with the 1st time I go after taking my prenatal. I am not much help on actual discharge though as I have it constantly with doing the progesterone suppositories :/ sorry

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I have had some EWCM-type goo (TMI) and my pee is darker. Prenatals turn my pee neon yellow (it's one of the B vitamins, but I forget which one).

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That explains a lot... I have been on a prenatal since the beginning, but forgot two days in a row. I remembered last night and this morning my pee was darker. You ladies rock.

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Well my discharge is just plain disgusting because of the progesterone so I can't compare. I do remember having a lot of discharge with DD, I had to wear a pantyliner.