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    yeah higher is suppose to mean girl which would be exciting for us because we have 3 boys already.. But were just wanting a healthy baby, and born closer to on time rather early because my last son was a 36 weeker just was breathing too fast when he was born and then we discovered when he was 6 weeks old after he asperated on his own spit up and then ended up at Valley Childrens hospital after a long ordeal that he has a bicuspid aortic valve which in time will have to be repaired.
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    Add me in to the club wondering if high HB = girl. My baby's HB at 10w1d was 188 (he/she was being super active during the us!). It was 171 at 8 weeks.

    I am planning to do my gender u/s a month from tomorrow... time needs to hurry up!

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    Congrats on a great appointment! I'm glad they went ahead and did an u/s and that you were able to see baby moving and a fast strong hb. What great news! It's funny because they still haven't tried to find baby's hb on doppler at my drs office because I've had so many u/s! Like every time I go in, they do an u/s, so they haven't bothered with the doppler, so I still haven't heard it on my drs doppler, although I have been able to hear it at home.

    My next appt is on the 24th and for once I actually don't have an u/s scheduled, so I am guessing they will look for it then. I will be 17 weeks, so they'd better find it. LOL I read somewhere that even some OBs and midwives have trouble finding it up to 16 weeks depending on the person, so for those of you that can't find it yourselves at home, try not to worry.
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    Yay for a good appointment! Seems like others haven't heard the heartbeat either, so I'm sure its normal. I must be rare, but I have found it on my doppler! The heartbeat was 178 on my last ultrasound @ 9 weeks and is now in the upper 150's to lower 160's. I've heard if its high its a girl and low its a boy. But the heart rate starts to slow as the baby at which one is considered for the gender..the early one or the later one? I know its an old wives tale, but its fun to see if its right.
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