Trip to the ER

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Trip to the ER

So last week when I was bleeding I called my docs office and talked to nurse because my doc is on vacation until 21st and I see him on the 22nd. She said all was normal and bleeding was normal etc. so bleeding stopped Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I didn't do too much at all and Monday was fine all day. Well around 3 I got up to get a drink and felt gush again. It was bad that when I sat on toilet it would fill with blood. So I called the on call doc after this was two hours.. It slowed at end of 2 hrs but still bleeding pretty heavy. She sent me the er and they drew blood, did an internal and external u/s and checked me internally. Well I guess I have leftover placenta and blood in my uterus so it needs to expel. They talked of a D&C but doc decided to just do meds to make my uterus contract for 3 days and expel this stuff. It comes with severe cramping so I am back on Percocet. we didn't get home until after 12:30 am and now DH had to take today off because DD doesn't have daycare this week. I am nervous about the cramping and pain and hope it all just happens fast.

I am angry my doc is on vacation and I can't find comfort since this is very uncommon with a c sec like why it wasn't all cleared out. Also why when I called did nurse just say oh all is fine don't worry and didn't even have me call a doc. Just so frustrated and annoyed

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I'm sorry you are having to deal with this! I hope that it resolves soon. How scary to start bleeding that heavily all of the sudden!

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Oh no! That sucks yeah esp w/ a csection you should definitely not be bleeding so much. I'm glad you go what you needed thiough and hopefully it will do the trick.

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OH no! Sorry to hear about all the bleeding. My friend had something similar happen. Some of her placenta did not come all the way out and she did have to have a D&C. I hope it doesn't last long and the meds don't cause too much pain.

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Oh man, that really sucks. Sorry to hear you're going through all of this. Sad Not fair at all! Doctors should know better than to leave stuff. What, was he in vacation mode already? Sad

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So sorry to hear you are dealing with that Sad I hope the meds do the trick and quickly.

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That sounds miserable.. I'm so sorry. C-section recovery is already so physically and emotionally difficult without adding onto it. Big hugs momma.