Ugh, bad dream.

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Ugh, bad dream.

I had the same dream again. Sad I went to the bathroom and wiped and I was bleeding. This time I asked DH for the doppler and couldn't find the HB! Then when I did it was barely audible.... This will totally mess up my day because it will be in the back of my mind all day long. Sad

Anyone else having bad dreams?

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Ugh ... that's terrible! Thankfully I'm not dreaming anything like that. Hope you don't get a repeat.

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Bad dreams are the worst. I havent had any bad pregnancy dreams...thank goodness. Well I hope you found a nice strong heartbeat this morning on your doppler and the baby kicks all day long!

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Ugh, I hate bad dreams. I haven't had any pregnancy related bad dreams, but I have had plenty of pregnancy hormone induced bad dreams. Hopefully the memory will fade quickly and you hear a nice strong beat on the doppler to focus on all day instead of the dream!

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Hugs Mari!!! I swear, I had almost the same dream 2 nights ago! I dreamed that I wiped and there was tons of blood on the TP, and then somehow it came out that I had had a chemical pregnancy and had never truly been pregnant the whole time. Not cool. Anyway, so sorry that you had such a crappy dream, and hoping that baby is especially active in there to prove that s/he is perfectly fine. Smile

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How funny you guys all said that because I was fortunate enough to have a very active baby today! Smile I'm actually still feeling him it's been pretty much throughout the entire day. Smile When he finally stopped for a while in the afternoon, I emailed DH "shhhh, the baby is sleeping." LOL!!

I had a dancing worm in my belly today. Smile

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Yay for a active baby today!! I've had bad dreams about pregnancy twice - both times involving some sort of bleeding on the TP. They're not fun and you wake up doubting and worried.

((HUGS))) Glad you felt your little wiggle worm today!

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I've been having some CRAZY dreams but none are really bad regarding the baby. I'm sorry! That IS a nightmare! I'm sure baby is healthy, happy and snuggly inside of you right now. Try not to stress yourself out too much! :bigarmhug: