Ugh heartburn

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Ugh heartburn

So for the past 2 weeks i have been getting it mildly. However for teo days now it has been horrible even threw up my lunch! Yuck! I think its time to take out the tums! Anyone else? I remeber it being a big problem with dd as well!!

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Ugh, sorry Mari! That's no fun at all! I have gotten it a few times when I am lying down, either laying with T while I'm putting him to bed, or laying in my own bed trying to fall asleep. I hate it!

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I had heartburn bad even before I got pregnant. Zantac is on the safe list. I take it when it's bad, but also chew some tums to help right away.

I have two HUGE bottles of Tums sitting here, but man I'm so sick of them!

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Sorry you have heartburn Mari. It's the worst. Last week was a terrible heartburn week for me. I don't know if it had to do with little man's position or what. Because I didn't eat anything that would have caused it. This week has been better. I've stayed on top of my water intake and did yoga on Sunday. I think it helped. And I think he moved head down or something, because I don't feel his kicks as strong. I think his legs are up where they have more room.

I can't take acid reflux meds anymore. I took prilosec for awhile a year ago and did the occasional tums. But every time I stop taking them, I get even worse heartburn. Like the kind where I feel like I have to go to the hospital. So no more of those pills for me.

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UGH that stinks Elizabeth. :bighug: