UGH - I'm so dumb. LOL

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UGH - I'm so dumb. LOL

So, I have been testing my blood sugar since Friday night. You test first thing in the morning, and after meals. I swear I thought my last nutritionist had me test at the 1 hr mark (1 hr after you start eating) and I have been entering all of my results into an app on my phone that will email my results to my nutritionist, so I hadn't really looked at the manual forms she gave me to fill out (she said that I could use those and fax them to her OR just type up the results and email her, she doesn't care what format I use.) Since I wasn't looking at them, I didn't notice that they say to test 2 hours after you eat, instead of 1 hour. So I've been doing it wrong for days. :rolleyes: Oh well, I guess it's not that big of a deal but I guess I will just have to explain that Friday and Saturday's numbers are probably out of whack, since I don't read instructions. :rolleyes: Go me. LOL

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Haha, well hopefully it won't matter too much! Who has time for instructions? LOL

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Alissa! LOL! That reminds me - when I went to the doc this past time, she mentioned something that was on a sheet she had given me. I *did* read the sheet, but I don't remember offhand everything on it. She looked very stern when I said I didn't know the answer she was asking about.

...besides, I can't remember what happened yesterday, much less something on a sheet of paper she gave me 19 weeks ago.